Going to the movies or traveling by plane is now much easier thanks to your Android mobile

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pantalla movil palomitas cine.jpg

The screen of an Android mobile phone with images of movie tickets and popcorn

Android has just received the update of one of Google’s services that aims to be increasingly used by all types of people. And, to achieve this, it is incorporating new functions that make a difference. The last thing that has just been added is going to facilitate something that users do on a regular basis, such as go to the movies and travel by plane.

With the Google Wallet service we have access to many functions that make our lives easier, but the app has just been updated with two very useful news. Users are already talking about it in different parts of the world, so it is possible that you have also seen it or can take advantage of it.

Automated movie tickets

Thanks to this recent Google Wallet update that was applied on March 7, now the movie tickets we buy will be added to the application automatically. This is confirmed by Google itself in the update notes that it has available online. And this is a great feature, since now we don’t have to do anything at all to bring the entries to the application.

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Google has announced that movie tickets and boarding passes will automatically be added to Google Wallet when you get a confirmation email in Gmail!

This feature is live for some global movie chains and airlines but more partners will be added in the future.

Furthermore, Google…

March 10, 2024 • 19:02



Thus, the moment we buy movie tickets online and receive them in our Gmail email, they will appear in the application. It will be something that happens immediately and without any effort, something with which Google Wallet puts itself at the level of applications from other companies with which it will compete more harshly. For example, there are surely now many users who opt for Google Wallet instead of using external apps like PassWallet, especially because of the great convenience it is providing.

As Google says, this new feature is now available for some cinema chains around the world. However, they also assure that they are working to expand the number of cinemas that are supported. We do not have confirmation of how it is being implemented in Spain, but it is most likely that the first chains to adopt it will be Cinesa and Yelmo in view of what has happened in other similar cases.

Also boarding passes

In addition to movie tickets, Google has done the same with boarding passes for flights when we have the plan to travel by plane. The system is exactly identical. The moment we receive the boarding pass in the email, its information will be added to Google Wallet and thus we can carry it comfortably on our mobile phone without effort.

With these new features, what Google does is take away one of the steps that we previously had to perform manually, which is very good news. After all, there was users who did not use Google Wallet because they had to add tickets or boarding passes manually and it was a process they did not want to spend time on. But now that everything is done automatically, the situation is very different.

Boarding time information via Google Wallet

As in the previous case, the number of airlines that will support this automation of adding boarding passes will increase in the future. In addition, we must remember that Google Wallet also works now on WearOSso that the entries will also be easily accessible from your smartwatch.

Finally, there is another interesting novelty in the application. This is a file section where you can see all tickets, boarding passes and other documents whose dates have already passed. Everything in that section can be recovered and sent outside, so there is no need to fear if you have archived an entry by mistake. You will only have to click on the corresponding button and it will once again be among those that are active.

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