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Goat Simulator 3 Review: Extreme frenzy in a world of goats

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We spent several hours in the crazy world of Goat Simulator 3, even in the company of other goats: did we have fun? Definitely yes.

After wreaking havoc and destruction in a quiet town, the crazed, furry, tongue-in-the-air quadruped is ready to do new memorable feats in Goat Simulator 3, sequel to that first chapter born almost by chance and signed Coffee Stain (by the way, to read what happened in the first “capramonio” we recommend reading our review of Goat Simulator). This time the boys of the Swedish team have decided to outdo themselves, proposing a sandbox formula dedicated to pure “play”strengthened by a more structured map, with a slightly more generous size and full of ways to make the unfortunate locals remember the day.

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Not failing to subvert public order in the company of a friend – and therefore another goat – thanks to a multiplayer mode that goes well with the lightness of the production, we have made our cuckolded companion reach new heights of madness, between atomic bombs, hilarious parodies of well-known Swedish companies and a frankly hallucinating amount of easter eggs. But now enough with the chatter: it’s time to… bleat!

Praise you, Dragonborn… sort of

Our eyes have opened. A cart carried the prisoner and his companions to their final destination and our minds traveled to Helgen, where the events of Skyrim began more than a decade ago. Then we looked around, realizing with great jubilation that we were not on the road to the gallows, alongside Ulfric Stormcloaks, but in the direction of the Pratichiari Rancha simple farm inhabited by honest workers… maybe just a tad redneck, like the tractor driver who, in the meantime, was making the heads of the poor sheep explode with his chatter.

Goat Simulator 3 Review Extreme frenzy in a world of.webp

After this too long intro – even the farmer scolded us for listening to it – we reached the first Torre delle Capre to carry out a useful synchronization, made up of panoramic shots of the major points of interest and accompanied by a epic music, in pure Assassin’s Creed style. In addition to more clearly showing the portions of what is a well-constructed and varied map, complete with mountain areas, residential districts, coastal areas and an untold number of secrets, the towers are an access point to the true residence of Pilgor (that’s the name of the goat), a large castle worthy of a Skyrim warrior.

The Humble Goat Home it will change according to the progression of the sheep’s journey, offering new rooms, throne rooms and rewards linked to the levels of prestige achieved in essentially carrying out unheard-of nonsense, stuff that – if compared with the Jackass stunts – would make them seem like declamations of stilnovist compositions. To give you some examples, within a couple of hours we have screwed up a cheap cosplay festivalpresenting ourselves with an energy cannon in the presence of followers of Goku and Homer Simpson to spoil their party and, after having headbutted some dancers, we managed to generate a gigantic permanent tornado, capable of sending the poor goat to the sky every contact.

1668871035 55 Goat Simulator 3 Review Extreme frenzy in a world of.webp1668871035 81 Goat Simulator 3 Review Extreme frenzy in a world of.webp
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Know that this is just the tip of a huge iceberg of unbridled fun, based on one moderate environmental destructibility which, combined with a hilarious management of physics, gives moments of pure hilarity. Capable of performing energetic shots, crazy stunts or carrying objects by securing them to its tongue, the goat can give hearty laughs, even when it’s bleating wildly or strolling through the city in an apocalypse-proof vehicle or on the back of a bicycle . In addition to the large number of missions available, which this time are well marked on the map, we also mention the instincts, which make up a long list to be expanded by discovering the so-called altars scattered around the world. Essentially, they’re just another excuse to pull off stunts or engage in questionable practices, like setting yourself on fire and running around like crazy before jumping into a pool and putting out the flames. In this World Destruction Tour of the goat – which among other things manages to grind on electric wires and can take on the role of a companion who directly quotes the great Tony Hawk – it is possible collect crazy aesthetic itemswhich often give access to uncanny abilities.

From the Captain America-style shield, through Jack Sparrow’s hat, which allows you to summon the Kraken’s tentacles, up to the trumpet shoes, which generate annoying sounds when running, collect new weapons or items like the aforementioned represents in itself a good reason to spend hours in the world of Goat Simulator 3. For completeness, a part of them must be purchased in the appropriate in-game shop, together with the alternative skins and other playable characters that we leave the pleasure to discover to you.

1668871036 913 Goat Simulator 3 Review Extreme frenzy in a world of.webp

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Last but not least is the multiplayer component of the package, even locally. At any point in your game you can allow a friend to join you and at that point launch yourself into a fratricidal and eternal war, given the absence of a health bar, resorting to the most disparate weapons to torment your companion.

You can also choose to participate in one of the Minigames specially designed by Coffee Stain: from football for goats, up to the lava floor, in which it is necessary to reach elevated positions to avoid falling into the magma, smiles and fights are guaranteed, above all because in Goat Simulator 3 – as it should be – there aren’t really of the rules.

1668871037 694 Goat Simulator 3 Review Extreme frenzy in a world of.webp1668871037 721 Goat Simulator 3 Review Extreme frenzy in a world of.webp

To be clear, in the middle of a match one could serenely resort to a special tool to suck the opponent into it and completely prevent him from countering the goat’s actions. Ultimately, net of some glitches, polygon interpenetrations and sporadic drops in frame rate in specific situations (also on PlayStation 5), the return of the sheep is perfect for distraction in company and lightly.

Why Goat Simulator 3?

When the first Goat Simulator made its debut it was able to attract audiences for the fresh and above all “out like a balcony” experience it offered. But today, eight years later, what sense does its direct sequel make? After all, it is a product devoid of that originality which constituted one of the main selling points of the progenitor, which however has expanded the basic recipe in a sensible and absolutely consistent way with the “intended stupidity” which represents the heart of this unusual IP.

Well, whether it’s smaller but very ambitious projects like Pentiment (here the review of Pentiment), up to the big blockbusters like Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok, on average today’s video games are become even more ambitious than in the recent pastas well as more enveloping and demanding.

1668871038 896 Goat Simulator 3 Review Extreme frenzy in a world of.webp

Their ability to involve is high but often corresponds to a decisive investment of hours of their time, as well as a lot of mental energy and patience. Basically, products like Goat Simulator 3 – which beyond the simple gimmick of “I’ll let you play with a goat” manage to offer absurd but still well-constructed sources of entertainment – have still a raison d’être and represent a break not to be underestimateda welcome breath of fresh air between a vast and complex world to explore and the next tense and reasoned battle in which to sell dearly.

Goat simulator 3
Goat simulator 3PlayStation 5 Analyzed VersionGoat Simulator 3 is an ode to unbridled fun, a jumble of easter eggs, absurd gimmicks and “desired idiocy”, capable of giving healthy entertainment to all those who choose to once again take on the role of the sheep. Thanks to simple but fun multiplayer activities and a pool of armaments and cosmetic items to collect, clearly to wreak havoc on the town at the center of the experience, the Coffee Stain game knows how to give smiles and surprises, with its repetitive missions but guess what, and the catastrophic consequences of the actions of this bleating goat and a little Dragonborn.

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