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Gmail’s new design makes it easier to use the app from Android

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The Gmail app for Android is undergoing a slight design change.

With a more consistent interface with Material You we now have an inbox with a more practical bottom menu.

Gmail improves its design on Android

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If you open the Gmail app on your Android mobile, you may already notice the small change in design. A change that applies specifically to the bottom menu of the inbox.

You will see that the menu removes the labels and the icons are smaller so that the bar is slimmer. Space that the inbox gains, and that is appreciated when we are checking emails from the mobile.

This update is coming server-side, so you’ll have to wait for it to roll out to your Gmail account. And if you are one of those who prefer to have all the space dedicated to the inbox and do without the tabs that are displayed in the bottom bar, you can apply a small change.

Just open the Gmail app, go to Settings and tap on the email address you want to make the change to. You will now have to scroll through the settings to apply various changes.

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Start by looking for the “Chat” option in the “General” section to uncheck the box. Doing this will remove the “Chat” and “Spaces” tabs. Now look for the “Meeting” section to uncheck the box that says “Show the Meeting tab to make video calls”. This will remove this tab from the bottom bar.

Once the Gmail app is restarted and the changes are applied, you will see that you will have the entire interface occupied by the inbox and the bottom bar has disappeared. Of course, you can customize this dynamic by leaving only the tabs you use and removing the rest.

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