Gmail Pro level: 6 advanced tricks to squeeze out emails

gmail pro level 6 advanced tricks to squeeze out emails
gmail pro level 6 advanced tricks to squeeze out emails

Gmail is one of the most used email platforms, and with these tricks you can use it like a professional.

Google as a company was born with a very clear product: the search engine. At a time when search engines were not particularly good and had a really busy home page, the company of Larry Page and Sergei Brin was a breath of fresh air .

This strategy of creating highly functional products, with minimalist design and free was the essence of the company for more than a decade, although recently it has begun to change, at least in services like Google Photos . The company’s second great success was Gmail, a webmail service far removed from the competition.


The amount of storage space it offered made it practically the default option for many users. And to this have been added over the years the different functions that have made it an all-terrain tool , even for professionals, but not everyone knows the most advanced functions.

Although most users use the email manager to write and send emails in a simple way, if you want you can get much more out of this tool with some functions that are not well known. Being able to choose when an email is sent, if what is sent can be forwarded, etc.


Schedule shipments

One of the most useful features of Gmail is that you can choose the time at which an email will be sent . This is especially important if you do not want the shipment to remain in the recipient’s inbox for hours and be buried by subsequent communications. Additionally, it allows you to display a send time that is within the business window, if that is important.


To use this function you simply have to click on the date next to the send button and select the Schedule delivery option . A window will be displayed with preconfigured options, but you can choose the day and time freely. After scheduling, the email will appear on the side of the Gmail interface, reminding you that it is scheduled, but not yet sent.

Secondary button

When using a desktop operating system it is known that the two main mouse buttons have different functions. This is not usually the case on websites, but Gmail is an exception. If you use the right mouse button, a menu will open that will allow you to perform multiple tasks.


This way, it is easier to respond, archive or delete it, but also do other more powerful things , such as sending it to a Google Tasks task if that application is used. You can even search for emails from that same sender if you are investigating something.

Smart composition

The artificial intelligence within Gmail helps you write emails faster and more comfortably . This is done with the Smart Compose feature, which is in Settings, All Settings, General, Smart Compose. It can only be turned on or off, there are no gradients.


This function helps, but it is not the only one that does it. In the same section of the settings there are the AutoCorrect, Spelling and Grammar functions , and all of them active allow you to avoid making certain mistakes when writing an email. Similarly, the Smart Functions that are a little further down allow the different Google apps to interact with each other, being able, for example, to extract a flight from an email and add it to Google Wallet .

Undo sending

A few years ago Gmail was updated with a feature that has helped many people: undo send. What this tool did was postpone the sending of an email for 30 seconds from when the button was clicked until it was sent through Google’s servers.


This time can be modified if you want to reduce it, by going to Settings, All Settings, General, Undo Send. There you can choose certain durations, from 5 to 30 seconds, with two intermediate options of 10 and 20 seconds. Unfortunately you cannot choose to extend that interval.

Confidential mode

If special security is needed when sending an email, a password may be required to open it . This will mean that the person who receives it will have to know it, thus ensuring that no one in your environment with access to your account could read it. Additionally, emails can be made to expire after a certain time, preventing recipients from being able to forward, copy or download the attachments or message.

To use this mode, what you have to do is choose the Confidential Mode option from the lower tool on the writing screen, shown with the padlock symbol. When pressed, a window opens that allows you to choose the expiration time of that email as well as whether or not a password will be required when opening it .

Offline mode

Although using email without an Internet connection is impossible due to the way the protocol operates, you can use the application to write or perform certain tasks , even if emails cannot be sent at that time. This allows you to advance work if you are on a computer, in a similar way as you would do on a mobile phone.


To activate this mode you must go to Settings, in the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner, and select the All Settings option. There the settings window opens and the so-called Offline must be selected. In it you have to activate the only option there is. Of course, in order to enable Offline, you must use Chrome version 61 or later.


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