Gmail on Android, the icon in notifications is no longer red all the time

gmail on android, the icon in notifications is no longer
gmail on android, the icon in notifications is no longer

Google recently updated the Gmail app for Android, and according to colleagues from among the innovations introduced there is one, a small one, which has the potential to excite those who care about details. The Gmail icon that appears in the notification when you receive a message it no longer always has a red background from now on will take on the system color from time to time.

You can see it in the screenshots of colleagues. In the first, the notification with the out-of-date app, the accent of the theme is turquoise yet the icon in the drop-down menu is reddish, the historic color of the Google service. In the second, to Gmail app updated to version 2023.05.28.x, the icon in the upper left corner of the notification has taken on the teal of android 12 dynamic theme. 

Someone will object that in this way, depending on the color of the system, the notification could be less evident than in the past, when the red of the icon helped to capture attention, but after all, Google’s choice is consistent with the philosophy of Material You. Now “controls” the prevailing color of the background.

One possibility that Google could not have disappointed anyone with would have been to hand the user the possibility to choose whether to keep the old icon or switch to the dynamic one, choosing from time to time whether to favor aesthetic coherence or visibility of alerts. But anyhow, it will take some getting used to.



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