Gmail now allows you to create and edit contacts from its sidebar

contactos de gmail.jpg
contactos de gmail.jpg

You no longer need to go to the Google Contacts page to edit your contacts from the web, as there is now a much simpler way.

Thanks to a new update, this task can now be done from the Gmail sidebar, whether it’s new or existing contacts. We tell you how to use this new option.

So create or edit contacts from the Gmail sidebar

For a long time, Gmail has allowed us to access our contact list from its sidebar. However, if we needed to make any changes or add a new contact, we had to go to the Google Contacts link.

A task that will no longer be necessary because we can manage any detail of our contacts from the Gmail bar. For example, just by extending this bar, clicking on “Contacts” and choosing “Add new contact” will open the form with all the corresponding fields.

So from the same bar you can add the name, place of work, email address, phone number, birthday, notes, etc. The entire process of creating a contact directly from Gmail. This can be a handy dynamic, as we often add contacts based on new interactions and emails we receive in Gmail.

And if what you need is to edit the information, just open the sidebar, choose the corresponding contact and click on the pencil icon to open the corresponding fields for editing. So you will no longer have to keep changing tabs to take information from Gmail and take it to Google Contacts, but you will have all the data you need in the same interface.

This Gmail update is available to Google Workspace customers, legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers, and users with personal Google accounts.

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