Gmail lets you pause mobile notifications when you’re on PC

Brian Adam

Gmail is adding a new option in its desktop version that allows notifications not to bother you more than necessary.

A new configuration that will prevent the mobile from being filled with email notifications that you are already checking from the web version.


Gmail has a new option to manage notifications on mobile

Gmail has a handy system for setting up notifications so you only get the emails that are important. But if you’re using Gmail from your computer, there’s no point in piling up notifications of new emails on your mobile.

To fix this issue, Gmail is rolling out a new option that you’ll find when you open the desktop version. As you can see in the image, it will suggest you to pause the notifications on the mobile while you are using your computer.

If you want to implement this dynamic you will have to give permission to the web browser to detect if you are using Gmail or not. So when you see the prompt you see above, you’ll need to follow the instructions to bring up a message in your web browser’s address bar asking for permission.

Once you give the corresponding permission, notifications will be temporarily paused on mobile when it is detected that you are active in Gmail from desktop. It does not mean that you would not receive the emails on your mobile, it simply will not activate the notifications. So when you pick up your phone again, you won’t see accumulated notifications from Gmail.


And of course, you won’t have to take any extra action to get notifications turned on again, as Gmail will take care of it when it detects that you’re not active. At the moment, there does not seem to be a setting that allows you to activate this new option manually, so you will have to wait for the message from Gmail to have this new feature.