Gmail is updated with important and striking improvements in notifications

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Gmail, one of the main tools Google offers today, continues to evolve to provide the best possible experience. Recently, an update for Android has been released that introduces an exciting change: dynamically theming the icon in email notifications. With the release of Android 12 and its Material You design in 2021, Google introduced this capability, allowing UI elements to adopt active wallpaper colors for a much better experience. Although many applications have adopted this function, the Gmail notification icon had been left behind, looking out of place. However, with the latest version of the app (2023.05.28.54044.3362), this has completely changed. Better for Gmail Users Users have the option to download the APK file and install it manually if they want to get the update before it reaches them through official channels (Google’s own store, for example). But, if you want to be calm and secure, it is best to allow some time for the Mountain View way to release the update to everyone in your region on the Play Store. It must be said that Gmail has gradually been adopting the Material You design since last September. It has gradually introduced even dynamic colors for its widgets. However, the app icon in the notification shade kept its traditional red color for unread emails (we’re talking about the Gmail element that accompanies the email notification in the status bar when it’s pulled down). The new update now allows email notifications to dynamically adjust to the colors displayed in the operating system (which are derived from the user’s active wallpaper), resulting in a much better viewing experience. Manual download of this novelty If you don’t want to wait for the new update to arrive in the Google store, you can choose to manually install the APK file from APKMirror, since the arrival of the new version of Gmail is unknown in each region. By doing this, which is completely safe, users can enjoy the new dynamic theming feature for the Gmail app without having to wait for it to be pushed as an automatic update. This development demonstrates Google’s commitment to correct even small details in the user interface, contributing to a better user experience and maintaining the essence of Material You. With the Gmail app now seamlessly integrating with the color scheme, users can enjoy a more aesthetically appealing notification experience. >

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