Gmail has the recipe to avoid phishing scams: this is how you can activate Google’s enhanced security

cropped how to securely add password protection to sensitive emails in gmail.jpg
cropped how to securely add password protection to sensitive emails in gmail.jpg

There is a way to make your activity in Gmail more secure: the extra layer of security that Google provides to Chrome and Gmail itself. With it you can protect yourself from phishing and other scams without you having to do anything more than activate the option. We tell you how.

We are all susceptible to falling into the scams that arrive via email, often match something we were expecting or had ordered; so the phishing hook is too tempting. Packages at the Post Office when we have a pending shipment, bank ads that are so real that even the landing page looks authentic… It’s a danger. Therefore, the more tools we have on hand to protect ourselves, the better.

Google Chrome’s expanded security, perfect for Gmail

Improved Gmail Security

Your Google account offers a wide variety of options to protect your access and Internet browsing. And this carries over to the rest of the company’s applications, including email: you can increase the security of your Gmail with a couple of steps. Most of the settings are active by default, such as the analysis of senders in emails, but there are others that you must activate.

The name of the function we are looking for is «Improved safe browsing», a tool integrated into your Google account that is related to two key applications: Google Chrome and Gmail. “Enhanced Safe Browsing” protects you against threats so you can browse the web safely. And also analyzes your Gmail inbox alerting you of possible scams; This action extends to the landing pages, where all phishing emails usually include a URL for you to enter your personal data.

Improved Safe Browsing is not a new feature, as it has been with us since 2021. Although it may be unknown to you or, after a notice in Gmail, you may have learned that such protection exists. Works in the background to analyze from the pages you visit to browser downloads and Gmail emails.

By activating the extra layer of security you will share more browsing and usage data with Google

You should keep in mind that after activating the setting you start sharing more browsing data with Google; always with the idea of ​​analyzing the activity in search of possible risks. You must evaluate if it compensates you, in our view it is highly recommended.

How to activate enhanced security to minimize scams in Gmail

Improved Gmail Security 1

Gmail inspects emails to identify senders with bad intentions. And with improved security you will have an extra layer of analysis to filter threats from your mailbox and all the links you open from Gmail itself. This does not mean that you will stop receiving phishing, but it should be reduced. As we always recommend, Keep a close eye on your inbox and never leave personal data, especially passwordsin email chains or on the pages to which Gmail links take you.

Let’s go with the steps to activate extended security:

  • Access your Google account by entering the browser, from the news section of your Android or from Gmail itself. You must click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click on “Manage your Google account”.
  • Go to the “Security” tab.
  • Scroll down to “Improved safe browsing for your account” and activate the option.
  • Alternatively, click on this link to directly access the setting (you will have to log in with your Google account if you are not already logged in).

From the moment you activate the extra layer of security, Google will be more active in analyzing everything you do on the Internet, always in the background and without you being aware of that operation. Of course, as long as you have your Google login registered in the app or browser, as is the case with your Gmail.

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