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Gmail has a new feature in iOS to keep track of pending emails

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Google is updating Gmail on iOS with a new option for those who want important information on the lock screen.

Thanks to this new update, they will be able to save time opening the app, since they will be able to know if they have pending emails.

Gmail has new lock screen widgets on iOS

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Last week, Google released updates to the Drive and Chrome app with new lock screen widgets.

As for the widgets for Chrome, we have one dedicated to using the browser as the favorite search engine and another to search in an incognito new tab. And we also have widgets for search in chrome using voice and another one to open Dinosaur Game.

So there are several options, right from the iPhone lock screen, for quick search. And as for Google Drive, we have widgets for “view suggested files”, “find files” and “access featured files”.

And now Google is updating Gmail with a new widget for your iPhone’s lock screen, which will let you see “New Unread Messages.” So without having to enter the Gmail inbox you can see how many messages you still have pending to review.

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You can choose this “New unread messages” widget in three sizes: a 1×1 circle with the Gmail logo, a 2×1 rectangle that breaks down emails into categories and includes Spaces and Chats, and a line widget that is shows about the time.

So you can choose the widget that suits the style of your mobile’s lock screen. Or you can rotate between widgets to see which one best suits your needs. On the other hand, let’s remember that Google News also has a new widget for the lock screen to see the main news or the latest headlines.

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