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Gmail, finally, displays its new interface for all users, what does it offer?

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The user interface that gmail has is quite good, but like everything, it can always be improved by looking for greater simplicity. From Google in the month of February of this year it was reported that work was being done to offer an improvement in this section, but at the moment it was restricted to a few users as a test. Well, this has changed radically. As it has been known, the deployment has already begun globally. In principle this began on the 28th in the US, but since last night some users who are outside these borders are receiving the corresponding notice in which they are told that the novelty is available and that it is activated by default (yes, if desired, you can activate the previous user interface that is maintained in Gmail). As usual in this type of change in the mail client, a small assistant is added in which the new additions and the changes that have been made are shown, so that it is clear what is achieved and where you should look to notice the modifications. In other words, Google’s way of working is maintained, something logical because it is quite effective. The great novelties of the new Gmail interface What is sought above all with this improvement is that users navigate through the interface in a much more comfortable and effective way. This is especially so when looking for additional options such as accessing Gmail chat or video calls that can be made. In addition, this prevents you from having to open many windows as was the case before, which always means that you have much more of a computer on the computer you work on. Thus, the functions that we have discussed before are moved to different sections in a much more sensible location and that does not bother the user (especially since they are all grouped in a single column). Additionally, more features of the Material You design are added, so that the display of emails in a specific way and of the list of those that are in the mailboxes is much cleaner and more spacious. And, this makes the use of the web client more comfortable. A very important detail of the arrival This will be effective gradually for all users who have a Gmail account, but if you have access to Google Workspace, it is certain that if you have not received the new day management interface you will have it available . And remember, this is enabled by default… so you’ll have to use it no matter what unless you go into the client settings and specifically select that you want to go back to the previous structure. >

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