Gmail already has search filters on Android


Google is implementing search filters in the Gmail app for Android.

Following the same dynamics that Gmail has had in its web version for a long time, you can apply filters to speed up the search from your mobile.

Gmail on Android has an improved search experience

If you frequently use search filters in the web version of Gmail, you will be happy to know that the same dynamic is being implemented in its Android app. Yes, filters that will help you find that email or attachment you are looking for without having to go through all your emails.

You can use these filters once you type in your search term or just by tapping the search bar. And as we find in the web version, it will allow you to filter by sender, date, attachment, etc. And from these initial filters, you can adjust the search by establishing other criteria.

For example, you can search for emails from several senders, combine different filters, among other possibilities. A new dynamic that is already being implemented, but it may take time to spread to all users.

On the other hand, another novelty that is coming to Android has to do with the Google app. From now on, a new search configuration is added: personal results. An option that includes personal results based on the activity of your Google account, recommendations and autocompletion based on search history.

For example, as you see in the image, it could include directions from Google Maps or certain information from Gmail. Of course, this new search setting can be enabled or disabled, at your discretion.

If you activate this option, you will see that all the results related to your personal information appear at the top. That is, they will have priority and will be displayed before any web results. And of course, they are private and will only be available to you.