Gmail, a complete graphic renewal is coming: the logo will also change

Gmail, a complete graphic renewal is coming: the logo will also change

According to what was reported by 9to5Google following a teaser received exclusively directly from the Mountain View giant, all Google applications would be receiving new graphics in an attempt to make them easier to use. After the update to Maps which changed the quality of the maps, the next app could be Gmail.

9to5Google in fact, he would have received a teaser image, which we report at the bottom of the article, of new logo design of the application dedicated to the Big G mail service: the design is very simple, since it is an “M” with a classic modern style characteristic of the company but, apparently, without the famous letter envelope that allowed to the app immediately.

Obviously the sketch still contains the test lines and is not colored, so other changes are expected in the coming days to make it like the other Google logos by adding the following colors: green, yellow, blue and red. Aside from that, however, the logo design is now well known. As for the rest of the Gmail application, however, little is known about the graphic changes: they will probably keep the same modern and intuitive style, similar to that of the new Google Play Store.

G Suite development team leader Javier Soltero also reported in July: ‚ÄúPeople tell us they feel overloaded with information and activities due to too many tools. This is why we will work to make these tools more useful and intuitive “. So we can also expect news in the app menus.

The latest updates that added graphic features concerned the dark theme, which arrived on Android in Italy at the end of October 2019.

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