Give your Android a black black style ’with dark mode in icons and wallpapers

dark mode on android
Give Your Android A Black Black Style ’with Dark Mode
dark mode on android

One of the most anticipated updates was the dark theme which came with Android 10, which manages to overshadow the tones of the interface. But if what you want is for your cell phone to shine with all the ‘black style‘, Here we will teach you how to convert icons and wallpapers to the dark mode in three steps.

1. Activate dark mode

If you already have the latest version of Android you can activate dark mode in a very easy way. You must first enter settings and look for the option of themes, personalization or the like. This is how you will see how the menus native apps and other elements like quick adjustments.

2. Change the icons to dark mode

To modify the application icons you must download Nova Launcher since Google play, so that you have more variety of configuration options choose the version Prime at your expense Telcel invoice.

black black style ’,‘black style‘,activate dark,cell phone,dark mode
Photo: Nova Launcher App

Now choose an app from icon packs with black as the protagonist, for example Zwart Black Icon Pack that offers you dark and minimalist options, or Monoic Icon Pack with white icons that match great with black.

black black style ’,‘black style‘,activate dark,cell phone,dark mode
Photo: App Monoic Icon Pack

3. Download backgrounds for dark mode

To have all the ‘black ’style you must find an ideal wallpaper, a great option is the app Black Wallpapers, where you will find a whole gallery of images with the color black mainly. Remember that you can download this and other very useful tools for your cell phone, enjoying the Mega what does your offer Kit friend.

black black style ’,‘black style‘,activate dark,cell phone,dark mode
Photo: Black Wallpapers

So easy you will already have the dark mode in all the interface, icons and wallpapers. All your friends are going to want to know how you did it. Do you already know which wallpaper you would like to use first?