Give Eternal Flowers: These LEGO Bouquets Will Never Wither

lego flowers

You imagine give flowers that never wither And what else can you build yourself? With the LEGO flower sets, you can surprise your loved ones on special dates such as World Book Day or Mother’s Day. So you will have a creative and long-lasting alternative to traditional flower bouquets. Discover how these colored pieces can become a unique and original detail that conveys all your love.

There are several reasons why giving LEGO flowers can be a great option for special occasions. Not only are they durable and do not fade, but they are a creative way and fun to pass the time. Both children and adults can enjoy building these sets, making the gift an added value in terms of fun and entertainment. Also, they are a sustainable alternative to traditional flowerssince they do not require any type of maintenance and do not generate waste or harmful emissions for the environment.

lego flowers

There are not only bouquets of flowers, LEGO is a specialist in bringing all kinds of plants closer to its construction pieces. Next, we collect the best sellers and currently available. Each season they add new versions, so they are considered almost a limited edition item.

bouquet of wild flowers

This LEGO bouquet of wildflowers is the perfect choice for lovers of flowers and building. This construction set features 8 varieties of wild flowers, including yellow and lavender poppies, all built with elaborate, snap-together LEGO pieces. In addition, the set includes 16 individual stems that allow you to customize the height of the flowers and create your own designs.

This set offers an immersive building experience that will keep you entertained for hours as you identify the different species of flowers inspired by nature. Once finished, you can place your bouquet in any vase and give life to any space with a touch of color and originality.

lego wildflower bouquet

spring flower bouquet

This set includes 15 stems with a combination of floral and leafy varieties, such as roses, snapdragons, daisies and asters; all created with 17 unique LEGO elements that imitate the shape and color of real flower petals.

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It’s LEGO’s first artificial flower bouquet, and it lets you adjust the length of the stems and leaves to create your own custom arrangements. In addition, this construction set uses several elements made from plastic of vegetable origin, produced with sugar cane from sustainable sources.

Let your imagination run wild and create a vibrant and unexpected showpiece that will never fade and be the centerpiece of any room. This set is a original gift for women and menperfect for special occasions such as Book Day (San Jordi), Mother’s Day or Christmas.


You can also unleash your creativity with a stunning LEGO orchid arrangement with this exciting craft set for adults. The set includes a beautiful selection of artificial pink and white orchids, as well as a fluted blue vase to display your creations.

With 6 large flowers, 2 recently opened, 5 leaves and 2 roots Standing out incredibly realistic, this set of LEGO plants will let you create a custom masterpiece that you can change to your heart’s content. Build the vase and simulated soil for the orchids, then twist the stems, leaves and roots to create the perfect arrangement to complement your home or office. This set has been designed for adults who enjoy building and displaying their creations, and pieces from other LEGO sets have been used, such as the shields of the minifigures or the tails of dinosaurs, to shape the sepals and roots. of the plant.

orchids flowers lego

dry flower arrangement

The Dried Flowers LEGO set has beautiful buildable artificial flowers in autumn-inspired colours. can be used as centerpiece or as wall decoration. This craft set for adults has a gerbera and a LEGO rose as its main elements, and its warm colors will wow your guests.

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It is a relaxing and creative set that can be shared between two people to spend quality time together. Once finished, the artificial flower arrangement will become a stunning piece of decoration that will not fade. It is a great gift for adults who love crafts and the flowers that enjoy personalizing centers and bouquets. Plus, you can combine it with other sets from the LEGO Botanical range to create even bigger flower sets.

lego dried flowers centerpiece


This adult craft set has 9 small succulents with their own LEGO brick pots. Each succulent has its unique shape, texture, and color, making them look like the real thing without the need to care for them. You can customize the design of the set and combine the 9 plants or use them separately to decorate your home or office.

This LEGO set for adults offers a creative, relaxing and rewarding building experience. There is also 3 different sets of construction pieces for the 9 succulents, which makes it a perfect project to enjoy with family or friends.

lego succulent flowers


Celebrate the arrival of spring by creating a beautiful display of flowers with this building set of 4 LEGO daffodils that you can place in any room of your home. It is an ideal gift for lovers of flowers and building with pieces, or to enjoy alone.

lego daffodils

Each daffodil stem has a height of more than 30 cm, which gives it an impressive and realistic appearance. It is part of the LEGO botanical collection, and you can combine it with other flower sets such as roses, tulips or sunflowers, each available separately. We just have to build the 2 yellow and 2 white flowersand put them in a vase for a beautiful and unique piece of floral decoration.


This LEGO set for adults includes an artificial bonsai model with a rectangular pot and a slatted LEGO imitation wood base. You can customize the plant with classic green leaves or with pink cherry blossoms interchangeable. With this set, you can create an attractive and unique display piece that will look great in your home or office.

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Additionally, the LEGO Botanical Collection uses various elements created from plant-based plastic and sustainable sources of sugar cane. It is an original gift for artificial flower lovers and LEGO fans They’ll enjoy a whole new way of building as they explore the unique shapes and colors of the Bonsai Building Set.

lego bonsai

other cheap brands

Although LEGO is a benchmark in all types of building blocks, there are other brands that are somewhat more affordable.

Bouquet of flowers Honlone

This is a package that includes 6 bouquets of artificial flowers of sunflower, red rose, lavender, purple rose, daisy and lily. These bouquets are made of ABS plastic and designed to be built by hand, providing a fun experience for children. The flower bouquets can be adjusted to adapt to different aesthetic angles and stem length can be personalized. Once built, the bouquet becomes a beautiful flower construction to decorate bedrooms, living rooms or offices, adding a unique and timeless touch to your environment. It is a great idea as a gift.

cheap lego flowers

Fiotha flower bouquet

Fiotha’s Bouquet Building Set includes two pink carnations It symbolizes “endless love” and “darling”, making it an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Once built, this LEGO-like flower bouquet can be placed in the living room, bedroom, office and other places as a stylish and realistic decoration.

This bouquet is an exciting choice for building blocks beginners and hobbyists. It can be done between two people, including children over 14 years of age.

lego fiotha flowers