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Git client: Tower 4 can quickly undo actions

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The makers behind Tower have announced the new major version 4 for Windows of their Git client. The focus is on the undo function.


With the Tower 4 version of its Git client for Windows, the German SaaS.group has now also integrated an undo function in this edition, which allows users to undo a number of Git actions “at the push of a button”. . This should make working with Git much easier for developers because errors can be fixed more quickly this way.

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The focus of the development of the tower software is still on macOS. This is evident from the fact that the team has already reached Release 9 for the Mac version, while they are currently announcing Version 4 for the Windows version of the Git client in a blog post. The undo version presented in it was also available for the Apple software beforehand. In the post, the development team also points out that many users of the Windows version have long been asking when this feature would also be available on their platform.

With Tower 4 for Windows, developers can correct or undo mistakes or accidental changes when working with Git. While undoing typically requires a series of operations, programmers can now do it directly using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Z carry out. The opposite function is also included Shift+CTRL+Z available as redo.


This feature can be used to change a whole range of complex Git operations in the background. For example, changes previously made in the code can be undone. Other functions such as deleting a branch, deleting stashes or tags, and merging branches can also be undone. The Tower team has also published a blog post in which they describe in detail what considerations led to the undo function and how these were implemented in Tower.

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Users who already have an active Tower account can update to the new version free of charge. New users can download a free 30-day trial. As with previous versions, the software remains free for students, teachers, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

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