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Gigantosaurus The Game, Switch review

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The Disney animated series comes to homes in switch, PC, Xbox One and PS4 format with Gigantosaurus, The Video game. An ideal title for the little ones.

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In the world of video games, there is still a place for the smallest of the house. This is the case of Gigantosaurus, The Video Game, a flirtatious title with which children will learn to control characters in a three-dimensional environment at the same time as they enjoy dinosaurs.

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The developer Outright Games is in charge of bringing us this software both to switch —Platform analyzed—, PS4, Xbox One as a PC. This company has great baggage in children’s titles because theirs are others like that of the Dog patrol, Trollhunters or the official video game of the Jumanji movie. This, at least, already assures us a minimum of quality in its proposals.

From TV to the console

Gigantosaurus, The Video Game, is named after a well-known Disney Junior animation series. In it four small dinosaurs, Rocky, Mazu, Bill and Tiny, they embark on a new adventure totally independent of what was seen in the series of drawings. History shows us how a meteorite falls on a volcano causing a bunch of dinosaur eggs to hatch from their nests and get lost in the environment.

Our mission, of course, is to help each of the little eggs reach their destination; its original nest. For it an always-on-screen guide He will kick us up, telling us where they are all and where they should be located. Basically the whole title is like that but it also has other interesting mechanics to make it a little more fun. Of course, we already advance that even with this, it becomes quite monotonous after playing it for several hours. At least for an adult since the kids will not care – especially if they are followers of the animated series.

In between so much exploration and collection, there is a kind of collectables such as looking for land to plant trees or helping wasps to return to their nest. But the most surprising and perhaps little expected are the kart races. Gigantosaurus, The Video Game have driving phases where we take the role of one of the protagonists aboard a kart. In them, we compete against the rest of friends at the same time as we collect the scattered treasures in the circuit. Do not expect a Mario Kart because it does not come close to it but the truth is that it is very well resolved these screens.

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Returning to the platform section, each protagonist dinosaur has various unique skills that are necessary to overcome small puzzles. Just press a button to change the dinosaur until you find the one with the necessary skill. It is, so to speak, a copy of the mechanics that Traveler Tales uses in your LEGO video games.

Moreover by the considerable world from Gigantosaurus, The video game there are special objects that make exploration more fun as well as being necessary to achieve objectives in the mapping. From blades that serve as a helicopter to piers to jump higher, a very careful and entertaining selection. There are times when a little more expertise and help is required from an adult but nothing too troublesome on the other hand.

Now, the interesting thing, recommended for adults? Depending on how you look at it. It closely resembles the premise of first spyro and substitutes but much more light and for a children’s audience. It is enough boring when you’ve been a couple of hours And the only thing that hooks him more is the collection of coins that are used to complete collectables. Not having any difficulties and being the objectives so simple that you play a little while you can complete it without much fuss. Recommended for the kids in the house? Totally. It is quite fun for them —NdA: my children have had a great time with it — and it has a lot of places to discover characters and situations. They also love kart racing and in the end, the objective of the game is what matters least to them.

Light and dark

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Gigantosaurus, The video game stands out for its vivid colour palette, its artistic design and its variety of settings. All this moves under the Unreal Engine graphics engine and, in fact, with a great result. Solid scenes, without visual defects and a good viewing distance. Some small scratches than others but punctual and do not affect the gameplay at all. On the other hand the animations are very surprising of the protagonists; really cared for.

The sound part simply fulfils, with worked and even entertaining melodies but with a somewhat forced dubbing and in what we commonly call language Latin. However, and since the video game is designed for young audiences, we see no problem in it. The texts also come to us in Spanish and without too much complexity.

The proposal also supports multiplayer in the same console up to four players on a single screen and is split only in driving scenarios. It is ideal for helping the little one by solving puzzles or reaching distant platforms since when doing this, distant players are automatically transported to the leader’s location.

Now, we cannot ignore that the title has so many trouble enjoying it. There have been many occasions in which we have had to restart the game or directly turn off the console because the game crashes completely. They were not specific moments, it could happen at some point and it bothers a lot. There are also minor collision glitches, character handling or even visual guidance that leads us to the targets, which drives you crazy and doesn’t point where to go.


Gigantosaurus, The video game is perfect for young players. Despite having flaws in his execution and being somewhat flat for the adult public, he is able to entertain the little ones. It is ideal for them to learn to handle themselves in this playful world and true memory of how platform video games were before.


  • Multiplayer for up to four people.
  • Ideal to start children in video games.


  • Very monotonous.
  • Hangs, bugs and other serious problems.
  • The dubbing is regular shooting bad.

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