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GIGABYTE Z690 and B660 and later motherboards will support AMD EXPO memory

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The announcement of RAM with AMD EXPO technology generated many questions, but without a doubt the most important was its possible compatibility with motherboards equipped with Intel chipset. gigabyte wanted to shed light on this issue, and has openly confirmed that all of its Z690 series and B660 series chipset equipped motherboards, as well as future new generation models, will be compatible with Intel XMP and AMD EXPO memories. The latter has been one of the banners of the new generation of AMD, the Ryzen 7000.

In case someone has gotten lost, I remind you that both technologies, Intel XMP and AMD EXPO, allow you to integrate overclock profiles with adjusted frequencies and latencies to get the most out of them, and they can be activated through the BIOS with a simple click. This greatly simplifies and facilitates the user experience, and is also a guarantee not only that we will enjoy good performance, but also that we will have perfect stability.

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Thanks to both technologies no need to manually tune memories anymore through the BIOS, something that I have had to do on more than one occasion and that can certainly end up being an ordeal, especially if our intention is to leave the latencies as tight as possible, since a slight reduction can end up pulling the embroiders all the stability of the equipment and settle with a reboot or a crash.


That GIGABYTE has decided to support AMD EXPO and Intel XMP on its Z690, B660 and future next generation motherboards is excellent news for the consumer as it means that these boards offer full compatibility and that we will not have to worry about anything when buying a new memory kit. Nor will we have to deprive ourselves of not choosing that kit that we like so much for aesthetics because it only incorporates AMD EXPO. In the end, this is a move that we, the consumers, win.

In order to enjoy this full compatibility we will only have to update the BIOS of our motherboard, without further ado. It is a very simple and totally safe process in current models, since before proceeding with its installation, validity and integrity checks are carried out on the new BIOS that we are going to install. GIGABYTE has confirmed that the new BIOS that will enable AMD EXPO and Intel XMP support will be available very soon on their official website, so we won’t have to wait long.

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