Gigabyte Releases Official Statement On Fixing Its “Explosive” Power Supplies

Gigabyte is undoubtedly facing one of its toughest weeks, not only due to its inclusion among the recent companies affected by the latest Ransomware attacks, but also due to the even more controversial conflict over the malfunction of some models of their power supplies, which experienced serious heating problems, even damaging the equipment of some users.

As research by TechPowerUp and Gamers Nexus has found, the P850M and P750M would have experienced “explosive” reactions (producing a small flare and jump of sparks) during stress tests with the heaviest loads. Something that never ceases to surprise given that these PSUs would be included in packs together with high-end graphics cards, which generally consume a lot of power.

For its part, the company has shared an official statement regarding these GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM power supply models, the focus of these incidents. In its statement, Gigabyte has said that it is «aware that certain media question the quality of their models«, But he has also commented that«appreciates and takes into account any comments and suggestions«.

«To address these potential issues raised by third parties, specifically, those discovered during their testing via DC electronic load equipment for prolonged periods of time repeatedly near the OPP (Overcurrent Protection) trigger point of 120% to 150%. Gigabyte has made adjustments and reduced the OPP on GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM«, You can read in the statement.

Additionally, the company has also provided a list of serial numbers for the two PSU models that will be eligible for their return and exchange service, encompassing the numbers between SN20343G031011 and SN20513G022635 for the GP-P850GM; and between SN20243G001301 and SN20453G025430 for the GP-P750GM.