Get to know this website that simulates the birthday paradox

conoce esta pagina web que simula la paradoja del cumpleanos.jpg
conoce esta pagina web que simula la paradoja del cumpleanos.jpg

Few have probably heard of the birthday paradox. This refers to a mathematical approach which establishes that within a set of 23 people The probability that two of these have birthdays on the same day is 50.7%.

This percentage tends to be higher as the number of people is greater, reaching practically 100% in the case of a group made up of 365 or 366 people (taking into account whether it is a leap year).

It is worth mentioning that this approach is a paradox due to the fact that it is a mathematical truth which goes against common intuition. This means that, within the paradox, when requesting an estimate of the minimum number that a group should have so that the probability that two people from it coincide on their birthdays, the majority fail completely in this task.

Based on this premise, the developers of a page called Brain Fest took the initiative to recreate the birthday paradox, adding buttons to it that allow the user alter certain variables.

In that sense, the user can have the possibility of increase or decrease the number of people in each room by clicking on the buttons represented with the symbol (+) or (-) in the area of People.

birthday paradox

Clicking on the option Generate room you can set the dates for all people under a number between 1 and 365, that is, a year.

Once the results have been returned, they will be shown in colors, red being used to represent when the dates are not repeated and green for those that are coincident.

birthday paradoxes 2

Also, by clicking on the button samples you can generate random samples, whose number you can increase or reduce in multiples of 10 by clicking on the (+) or (-) button located on both sides of the box.

birthday paradoxes 3

In the lower right part of the screen you can see panels with data that express the accumulated and the average of the results generated.

birthday paradoxes 4

As the number of people in the room increases, the probability that two were born on the same date is much higher.

Once you understand the dynamics that governs this paradox, it will be easy for you to distinguish its principles in other situations where coincidences occur that seem incredible at first glance, but when you analyze them you can notice that their occurrence is more likely than you imagine.

Source: microservants.

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