Get to know the slots with the best payouts to play from your mobile


Those who have casino applications on their mobile have, even if they deny it, a couple of favorite games. Whether it’s because of the story, the characters, or the quality of the graphics, the truth is that some games just get into our heads and never come out.

In any case, no matter what your personal entertainment options are, slot machines are undoubtedly at the top of any list of games preferred by gamblers in Spain and the world.

The good thing about the virtual world is that you can always find some expert who knows all the tricks and shares that information with his followers, emphasizing details to make money that would otherwise go unnoticed. If you want to know which casinos offer you the best payout percentage on slots this guide you can help.

The best known

Regarding the best applications to enter the world of slot machines, the list is headed by those of the online casinos Bwin, Mansion Casino and Casino Gran Madrid.

The first has 12 different forms of payment in its favor, its simple interface and prizes with jackpots that exceed 40,000 euros.

Meanwhile, Mansion Casino slot machines have earned a place among the preferences of players of all ages due to a payout percentage of 95.73%, and their impeccable customer service.

Likewise, the slot machines at Casino Gran Madrid provide a much more interesting gaming experience than the rest due to a catalog with more than a thousand different possibilities of machines, so that bettors can select their favourite.

Among them you can find slot machines of all imaginable colors and many of them are inspired by the most successful books, characters, series and movies of recent years.

In this sense, some of the most requested are based on the unforgettable films The Wizard of Oz and El Camino al Dorado; the adventure series Narcos and Game Of Thrones, and the very famous television contest broadcast in more than 100 countries. Who wants to be a millionaire?

Advantages of a classic game

Whichever machine is chosen, the truth is that this attraction offers several advantages to Internet users. The first is to have free versions that allow the bettor to play just for the hell of it, and practice until exhaustion, before betting real money.

Also, unlike other pastimes, slots do not require great game strategies, nor do they obey a set of complicated rules, quite the opposite, so with some practice, anyone can become an expert.

Likewise, it does not matter if the operating system of the mobile in which the application is going to be downloaded is Android or iOS, as the casinos have adapted their versions to work on both systems without any setbacks.

Once the application is on the mobile, iPad or computer, all you need to do is click on the chosen slot machine.

When doing so, you will hear the characteristic surround sound of the reels moving, the lines will spin and you will only have to wait a few seconds for the machine to stop. At that moment, you will see if luck smiled on you, or if it is necessary to keep trying.

prizes and bonuses

Regarding earnings, it is good to keep in mind that just by signing up and starting to play in an online casino, all players receive interesting welcome bonuses of up to 100 euros.

In addition, the prizes that can be won by those who have experience in slots range from free spins to juicy bonuses and tempting prizes deposited in euros or dollars.

Regarding the types of machine that can be played, in addition to the classic slot machine there are 2 main types of machines.

There are those that include a progressive jackpot or Jackpot, which allow access to a special well that accumulates profits with each visit by bettors.

Meanwhile, Arcade type machines, in addition to the main game, consider a series of mini games, in which the bettor can join, according to the combinations obtained in the main reel of the slot machine.

An interesting aspect of slots is that since the gaming experience is always accompanied by upbeat tunes, losses generally don’t hurt the mood as much.

This happens because music reduces anxiety and stress in our brain and it is very difficult to get discouraged when we hear a melody that we associate with pleasant events.