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Get to know the latest from Obsbot in top-of-the-line webcams

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Obsbot once again revolutionizes the webcam segment, being about to start marketing Tiny 2, the new member of its family of top-of-the-range webcams, entering what they call the “new era of webcams”. . This new model of webcam improves in many aspects with respect to what has been offered with Tiny 4K.

From the outset, it has a new 50 MP and 1/1.5-inch sensor, a larger sensor size compared to the 1/2.8-inch Tiny 4K, with which users will find a higher level of detail.

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Better features in a more compact and lightweight device

Added to this is the arrival of autofocus of all pixels, up to four times faster than Tiny 4K.

In the comparison that the company itself uses in its promotion, it also highlights the use for the first time of the native dual ISO to be able to offer the best possible image quality in both low-light and high-light environments.

The use of the USB 3.0 connector will enable data transmission ten times higher, thus avoiding the need to establish aggressive compressions.

The improvements also come at the software level

And if you add to this the new Beauty Mode, with which to achieve a better appearance on the screen, hiding possible skin imperfections, well, all the better.

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To the usual AI tracking functions, automatic zoom is now added to make it possible to stay fixed in the frame itself, even if the person moves around the stage.

And to the usual gestures with the hands to control the device, voice commands are also added to enable or disable the tracking, zoom or positioning functions.

It will now also be possible to set an image or video to display when the camera is not fully operational, and while it may not be as important, the new model weighs less than previous models, both with and without a frame.

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The company will put it on the market at the price of 309 euros, although users will be able to count on up to 150 euros discount if they deliver their old webcam, which will allow more than one to have it easier to upgrade to this new model. that the reservation period will begin on March 22, with the forecast that from May 5 they will begin to reach new recipients.

More information: Obsbot official site
Image Credit: Obsbot

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