Get to know Lofly, the website with sounds that you can listen to while you work or rest

When carrying out the activities that are part of our daily routine, many of us resort to different alternatives to stimulate our productivity and achieve better performance, including environmental sounds.

In this sense, there are a wide variety of websites that offer users a gallery of sounds to relax or make the pace of work more enjoyable.

One of them is Lofly, a website where you can find sounds of all kinds that will help you put yourself in a good mood while you do your work. Lofly has a simple interface in which it will only be enough to click on any of the sounds available in the Side panel located on the left of the screen.

lofly sounds website

In addition to natural sounds from elements such as rain, wind or snow, Lofly also has urban sounds obtained from sources such as a moving train, footsteps, a computer keyboard, among others, in case you like to accompany your routine with this type of sounds.

lofly sounds website 2

Added to this, Lofly gives you the possibility not only to listen to the sounds that its gallery offers individually, but also to combine them and listen to them in unison. This means that you can choose to listen to a moving train and combine it with a rain sound.

So you can also notice at the top of the list the presence of three labels (Productivity, Focus, Relax).

Clicking on any of them will activate the playing various sounds allusive to the category you have selected. Accompanying these labels is a icon with two arrows pointing in the opposite direction that when pressed makes the sounds are randomly combined

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lofly sounds website 3

Located next to the sound panel, at the bottom, you will find a music player in which you will hear a lo fi soundtrack, which you can change by clicking on the option Click to change to display the available list.

lofly sounds website 4

At the top you will notice the presence of two options: one for name Chat, which is nothing more than a discord channel created by the website developer. the other name Pomodoro that when pressed will display a pomodoro clock on screen, which you can configure to establish a work and rest time adjusted to your day.

lofly sounds website 5