Get the most out of your TV with Android TV with these tricks

get the most out of your tv with android tv with these tricks
get the most out of your tv with android tv with these tricks

Android TV is one of the most complete television operating systems that we can choose. Thanks to it we can convert our “dummy” TV into a complete Smart TV from which we can access literally all the content we could want. However, there are many users who do not know how to get the most out of this system. And, to help us, today we are going to leave you the tricks that we consider that every user of a TV with Android TV should know.

When we talk about Android TV, we also refer to Google TV, since in practice both operating systems are the same, but with a different interface. In the case of Android TV, it is more focused on local content, while in the case of Google TV, it is completely focused on streaming.

If you want to get the most out of this system, I am going to leave you a series of tricks, tips and recommendations that you should memorize and carry out whenever possible.

Change your appearance

By default, Google TV and Android TV have their own interface. In the first case, this is focused mainly on series and movies, while in the second what they prioritize are apps and games. Be that as it may, Android has always stood out for offering a large number of customization options, and in the TV editions of the operating system it was not going to be any less.


We can find in the Play Store, the Google application store, a large number of launchers, or launchers, that will allow us to change and customize the appearance of this system to our liking. This way, if we don’t like the launcher that Google offers us, for various reasons, we can adapt it to what we want.

Take advantage of the recommendations

Do you spend more time choosing a series or movie than watching it? No problem. Google TV’s recommendation system is very good, and it learns very well from our tastes and interests. If you don’t know what to watch, search directly in the Google launcher itself, since there you will surely find something to watch according to your tastes.

Of course, we may have to “train” the algorithm a little so that it starts recommending series and movies that we like. But, once tamed, we will have an experience like no other.

The more streaming apps we have installed, the more content it will recommend to us. And if what you just want is the opposite, not to see them, you can also deactivate them from the settings.

Choose the best apps (and only install those)

One of the greatest virtues of Android/Google TV is also its greatest flaw: the variety of applications. We all like to have our devices ready so that, at any time, we can do what we need without having to download, install or prepare anything else. This means that cell phones are often full of apps that we do not use, and the same thing happens, for example, with TV.

Within the Google TV application store we can find a large number of applications. But, to be honest, in the end we are only going to use a few. Therefore, instead of filling our TV with applications (which will later cause us problems), what we have to do is install just what is necessary. In this case, some of the apps that we can consider essential are:

  • A file explorer (X-plore File Manager)
  • Web browser (Google Chrome)
  • Video player (VLC)
  • Media center (Plex, Kodi)
  • Streaming games (Steam Link, Xbox)
  • Retro games (Retroarch)

In addition, of course, to all the streaming apps that we are going to use, such as Netflix, Disney, Spotify, etc.

Manual updates and maintenance

Android TV is designed so that users only have to enjoy TV, without worrying about anything else. That is, the system itself checks for updates periodically and, if there are any, it downloads and installs them while we are not using it. This way it doesn’t interrupt us. But, if we want, we can force the update ourselves. To do this, we just have to enter the Settings panel > System > About, and select the “ System software update ” option.

The same goes for storage, since periodically the program itself optimizes the space and deletes all that cache, junk and unnecessary data to always have space available for the apps to use. Likewise, if we need it, we can force this deletion ourselves. Just enter the storage section, and from there we can free the cache and delete other junk data.


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