Get much more out of your iPad: this is how you can use the Split Screen function

Get much more out of your iPad: this is how you can use the Split Screen function
get much more out of your ipad: this is how

Get much more out of your iPad: this is how you can use the Split Screen function

One of the functions that can be tap into Apple iPads is the split screen feature (also known as Multitasking). with her significantly increases productivity which is achieved with the tablet we are talking about, since you can perform actions that were previously almost restricted to computers. If you do not know how to execute it, we will tell you how to get it.

The truth is that there are different ways to achieve this, all of them very simple. We believe that the most efficient and that generates the least complications is the one that is used from the iPad’s own Dock. And what is achieved with this function? Well, something as useful as power see and have active two applications at the same time, which is extremely positive when you want to copy something from a text document to an email, for example. By the way, it is important that you have something very clear: to use the Split Screen, you have to use the operating system iPadOS 13 or higher.

This is how you use Split Screen on Apple iPads

What you have to do is really intuitive and you only need to make use of the options that Apple’s own operating system has developed for its tablets, which are currently the best sellers worldwide. That’s the steps you have to perform:

  • Open the first of the two apps you want to have active on the device screen at the same time.
  • Once this is done, slide your finger from the bottom of the iPad screen upwards. You will see that the Dock appears as usual. Now you can let go.
iPad Tablet with Split Screen

  • Next, long-press the second app you want to view and drag it up out of the Dock.
  • Depending on the place where you drop, you will see everything in one way or another (we will explain the options later), but always with the Split Screen.
  • Once this is done, you are finished and you can use the tablet as usual, taking full advantage of the tablet and, especially, its large screen.

Two ways to visualize this function

Apple offers possibilities for you to see everything in the way that best fits. We talk about Split View and Slide View. The first allows you to see the second application next to the one that is already open (and is chosen by dropping the second towards the right or left edge, depending on the needs). The second option makes the new one full screen and the one you had open before is moved to a small side window on the iPad. For this to happen, you must drop the one you are dragging in the center of the screen.