Gestures, this is the new function that makes the Amazon Echo Show more useful

smart screens amazon echo display They are accessories that offer great utility, since they can range from showing videos online to accessing the Alexa voice assistant to control different devices that you have at home and are compatible. Well then, it has just been known that a new feature which for many can be most interesting. Is called gestures and we tell you what it offers.

That’s what you get with Echo Show Gestures

Starting now, users of Echo Show devices will be able to enjoy a new way to interact with Amazon Alexa. And all this without the need to use your voice or touch the screen, which ensures excellent ease of use. The new functionality is Gestures, and allows you to dismiss timers and alarms that you have set simply by raising your hand in front of the camera.

This new feature is available on the following devices: Echo Show 8 (2nd generation) and Echo Show 10 (3rd generation). It is expected that more devices will be added in the near future and, the truth is that its effectiveness is excellent because the recognition made by the integrated camera is very good, so you will not have to spend a long time making the established movement to perform the corresponding action.


An addition that is much appreciated

Users may find this function very useful in situations where they cannot communicate with the Alexa voice assistant -or directly touch the screen of the device-. For example, while cooking and playing loud music, simply raising your hand with your palm facing the camera can override a set timer to prepare food. In addition, this function is also of great help for non-verbal users and/or with reduced mobility, something that is often not taken into account and that with this addition, Amazon shows that this is not the case in its case.

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To activate the new Gestures feature, users need to go into the device’s settings menu as normal. And then they have to select Settings and, among all the possibilities that are seen on the screen, choose device options. This is where you will see the new addition gestures that can be easily activated. Once activated, they will be able to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the new way of interacting with Alexa on the Echo Show without the need to use their voice or touch the screen.