Genesis Seaborg 350, win the race with this gaming wheel

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genesis seaborg 350 destacada.jpg

He Genesis Seaborg 350 It is a steering wheel for racing games with a rally-type design that we have recently tested in depth. That said, this wheel caters to the entry-level range and we can recommend it to casual players looking to add a little more realism to their driving games and delve a little into the world of racing simulation; As an anecdote, we know that the little ones in the house may love it, so it wouldn’t be bad to give it to a child for Christmas so that they can learn to drive from an early age.

This model is relatively inexpensive compared to other gaming wheels, so we did not have high expectations before trying it, but after doing so we have to admit that it defends itself quite well and gives us a fairly decent user experience, better than expected. expect in this price range. Therefore, it is totally worth checking out.

Genesis Seaborg 350

Technical characteristics of the Genesis Seaborg 350

Genesis Seaborg 350
Dimensions 313 x 270 x 280mm
Weight 1.8KG
Colors Black and blue
Supported platforms Microsoft XBOX 360, XBOX One, Microsoft XBOX Series S, Microsoft XBOX Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4
Connection USB-A wired
Guy Steering wheel with base
Gear lever Yeah
Pedals Yeah
Number of buttons fifteen
Maximum rotation range 180°
Cable length 2 meters
Manufacturer site

This is the Genesis Seaborg 350, a better peripheral than it looks

The Genesis Seaborg 350 does not look like the most premium model on the market, quite the opposite, it looks quite simple, almost like a toy, but you should never judge a book by its cover, as it has shown us that in fact it has high-quality manufacturing. quality.

Genesis Seaborg 350 - Package

For a start, The 10-inch steering wheel guarantees a strong, safe and comfortable grip, something we can thank for the non-slip material it uses (simulated carbon fiber texture). In this sense, it feels quite robust and does not wobble when mounted on the table, as it includes a solid clamp for easy installation in combination with 6 strong stabilizing suction cups.

Genesis Seaborg 350 - Steering wheel design

In another order of ideas, the Genesis Seaborg 350 is not a steering wheel and that’s it, Also includes pedals and a right-hand shift lever. It’s great to have a shifter on a steering wheel at this price, since most budget steering wheels only come with paddle shifters.

Genesis Seaborg 350 - Gear Stick

We cannot forget to mention that There are LED lights on the steering wheel, three on each side, to be precise. These are not just for decoration, as they also serve the purpose of indicating the level of sensitivity of the wheel.

Genesis Seaborg 350 - Sides

Speaking of that last one, we can adjust the sensitivity by pressing the Share and Option buttons for 3 secondsand this is something that perhaps could have been better explained in the user manualbecause it is very concise, in fact, there is hardly any information about mounting the support on the table.


Naturally, there are several buttons on the steering wheel, which we can obviously assign to our convenience. There are 15 in totalwhich match the buttons on a standard Xbox One controller, including an 8-way D-Pad on the front.

Genesis Seaborg 350 - Back Buttons

In this sense, in the back we will find the LT and RT triggers, Well, they are not triggers exactly, but oval buttons with the same function. Meanwhile, On the front are the Options, Share and Home buttons.


Usage experience

I’m not the most avid player of racing games, but to try it out I decided to a few hours of racing in F1 2023, and boy has it been a pleasant surprise in terms of use. As we already said, it is more solid and pleasant to the touch than the images let on, even when he was taking tight turns and moving the wheel to the limit, it stayed firm and responded as well as you would expect.

When it comes to getting into racing, the Seaborg 350 makes use of two built-in motors that perfectly reproduce the situation the car is in through vibrations, so we will feel every crash or friction while we are playing. With that in mind, it’s not the most immersive experience that such a peripheral can offer us, but it has enough to briefly convince my brain that I’m really behind the wheel of a racing car, and that’s how much we can ask for from a product. in this market segment.

Genesis Seaborg 350 - User experience

Not everything is rosy, there are a few important details that do not convince us. In this order of ideas, the steering wheel may have a gear lever, but no clutch, so it only goes up or down, it does not go through different gears. The same way, It doesn’t have Force Feedback either.although it is forgivable since in this price range no steering wheel has this technology.

Another complaint we have about this is about the pedal board, because it is very light and we found ourselves moving it by accident when we pressed hard, so either we got used to stepping moderately or we looked for a way to fix it to the floor. If you have children at home and they intend to play with the Genesis Seaborg 350, you already know that the first option will not work.



Unlike the Genesis Seaborg 300, this model is compatible with both PCs and consoles. To be specific, the responsible company lists the following platforms as compatible: XBOX 360, XBOX One, Microsoft XBOX Series SMicrosoft XBOX Series Nintendo Switch, PCSony PlayStation 3, and Sony PlayStation 4.

With that in mind, the steering wheel works with both the X-Ipunt standard as D-Input, so there is no problem when using it on the computer, since we can switch between them by pressing the Home button for 3 seconds. However, depending on the title we are playing, it may be necessary to map the buttons manually; At least in our case this was the case when we tested the F1® 23, since there was no assignment to activate DRS and ERS assistance.


Finally, the only connection method is via USB-A and the respective cable is 2 meters long.

Availability and price of the Genesis Seaborg 350

Those interested in this steering wheel for racing games can purchase it through or PC Componentes by following the links above.

On the other hand, if instead of a steering wheel you need a gaming chair to complete your set up, don’t forget to take a look at the Genesis Nitro 550; We have also tested it personally and it met our expectations.


  • Good driving performance
  • Good quality materials
  • Affordable
  • Not very detailed manual
  • It doesn’t have a clutch
  • The pedal board is not very stable
Total score

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