Gemini will have an app for Android. Google seeks to compete against the ChatGPT app, according to a leak

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gemini will have an app for android google seeks to.webp.webp.webp

Google is accelerating with artificial intelligence in general and with Gemini in particular. 2023 was a very interesting year for artificial intelligence and Google launched Bard. It was a conversational AI to compete against ChatGPT, but in our tests it did not do very well.

Google promised that it had better language models in the closet and, after a updating your intentions at Google I/O, they presented Gemini in December of last year. Now, Gemini is already in more territories and it seems that it will be the future of Google’s AI, so much so that They would be preparing a Gemini app that could replace Google Assistant.

An independent app from Google Gemini and the intention to fill its apps with AI

The name is essential for any service or application. It is something that users should automatically associate with your brand and Google, right now, has a small problem in this regard.

And they have Assistant, but also Bard, and Assistant can now be ‘Assistant with Bard’ because it is powered by artificial intelligence. However, behind Bard is Gemini and… it is another name to add to the list. For this reason, a few days ago we told you that Google would be considering changing the name of Bard to, directly, Gemini.

This change will be made, if the predictions are true, this coming February 7, but it will not be the only change in the short term. And, as we read in 9to5Google, Google would be preparing a Gemini applicationdirectly, for our mobile phones which would be a kind of Assistant, but more advanced.

It is something that has found developer Dylan Roussel in a pre version

And it is that, This is the part where Google talks about the Gemini App:

“To chat with Gemini on Android, download the Gemini app from the Google Play Store and, if you have iOS, you can try it within the Google app. The initial launch will be in English in the United States. Over the next few days, “It will be available in Japanese, Korean and more languages ​​(excluding the United Kingdom, Switzerland, European Union Countries and associated territories). More languages ​​and territories will arrive in the future.”

Google change log

Google changelog leak. Image by Dylan Roussel

Therefore, it seems that AI regulatory measures will affect this expansion of the Google Gemini app, at least in its early phase, and it has not been absolutely said either. nothing about the launch of the Gemini app in Latin American territories.

In the change log, it is also noted that Gmail, Maps or YouTube will be enhanced with Google Gemini to make them more versatile and we can interact in different ways (something logical since it is a multimodal AI).

Now, we just have to wait until this Wednesday to see what Google announces and what’s up with both the name of the app and the supposed Gemini app. It is clear that it would be a movement to compete against the ChatGPT application, but the fact that it is not launched in Latin America and Europe is a hard blow for users.

In any way, and as we always say, This is not official information for the moment, so we will have to pay attention to the company’s movements and, as soon as there is official news, we will tell you about it on Apps ProBox.

Cover photo | Alejandro Alcolea

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