Gemini for Android now works in Spain: how to get Google’s new AI assistant

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832176914 239884707 1706x960.jpg

The Gemini app, the replacement for the Google Assistant on Android phones, can be downloaded unofficially.

Today may be the most important launch of the year for Google. Gemini is the company’s new Artificial Intelligence, which will be the replacement for Bard on the web and Google Assistant on Android; and from today, begins to operate in Spain and in Spanish.

After launching on the web, Gemini will expand to all Google products. The message is clear: ChatGPT may have been ahead of Google by offering generative AI for the general public, but the big G has the advantage of Android and its presence on millions of mobile phones. The Gemini app, therefore, will be crucial to the success of this AI, and we can already use it in Spain.

Although Gemini is not yet available in the Play Store, and therefore cannot be officially downloaded on Android phones, the .apk file is now available for download on the usual pages. However, until now that was not of much use, since the app only worked in English and if we accessed it from English-speaking countries such as the United States. That has changed today, and early adopters are already enjoying Gemini in Spanish.

Gemini in Spanish

To install Gemini on our Android mobile, we will first have to download the .apk file from a third-party page such as APKMirror. Once downloaded, we have to open it, although our system may warn us that it is unsafe, due to security measures against malware. Once installed, Gemini will not only appear with a new icon on our home screen, but It will also replace Google Assistant.

Indeed, if we install Gemini, we will have to say goodbye to the traditional Google assistant; an important detail, since Gemini is not yet capable of doing some of the things that the assistant could do. Specifically, some of the smart home related features They are not yet available on Gemini.

The Gemini app running in Spanish on Android

Therefore, if until now we depended on the intelligent functions of Google Assistant, it may be advisable not to install the Gemini app, at least until the company fulfills its promise to implement those functions. In addition to a new icon, Gemini appears on our Android mobile when we call the Google Assistantwith a new pop-up window, and there is no way to launch the Assistant app again.

In exchange for losing those features, Gemini is far superior to Google Assistant in everything else; It is a much more advanced AI, capable of better understanding what we want and of generate appropriate responseseven if we don’t have Gemini Pro, the paid version.

Gemini replaces the Google Assistant on Android

For example, we can ask it to write emails, make plans for our vacations, or present us with games to entertain ourselves with friends. It is also multimodal, and that means that it accepts both written text and audio, and we can even share a photo so that it generates a response using it as context. Gemini even appears in other apps; We just have to hold down the power button when we are using an app to call Gemini, who will be able to take what we are seeing as context to answer our questions.