Gemini AI has problems, but Google promises to fix them soon

gemini ai has problems but google promises to fix them.jpg
gemini ai has problems but google promises to fix them.jpg

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Google has carried out a strong offensive in recent days with the launch of Gemini, its new AI, but many users have encountered certain problems. However, the company has not only been quick to promise to fix them, but also has begun to incorporate new features.

Let no one doubt the ambitious intentions that Google has with AI because the entity has prepared the ground over a long period of time for Gemini to dominate. They want to leave behind the popularity of ChatGPT and be able to rise as kings of one of the most important technological trends today. But, before that happens, they will have to solve the bugs that are being found in AI, especially on mobile devices.

Arrangements are underway

Jack Krawczyk, who works as the head of Gemini at Google, has taken control of the situation and has gone to X to speak publicly to all users. In several messages she has already spoken about the problems and promised that solutions are on the way, insisting on two important things.

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Jack Krawczyk


Gemini (end of week update/recap:

Blown away by all the people who have shared using Gemini to help them with things like iterating through a business strategy using their preferred framework, working through possible solutions to a gnarly coding…

February 18, 2024 • 11:01


The first is the speed that all members of your team are putting into fixing Gemini errors as soon as possible. And the second is the value they give to the communication they have with users and in receive the feedback they are sending. Because they want the community to continue reporting the errors they find to eliminate them quickly so that Gemini can be that high-quality AI that many people want to have on their device.

Solution to errors and new features


The most important thing is that the news is not stopping coming to Gemini, an artificial intelligence that is advancing in giant steps at maximum speed and that already does much more than translate texts. It was already a surprise that a few days ago version 1.5 was published very shortly after the debut of AInow users are still quite perplexed to see how Google does not stop implementing changes and improvements.

Above all, one of the things that Google is doing is reducing the rejections that Gemini produces with some of the prompts that are introduced into artificial intelligence. This has become one of the main objectives of the team and, for now, they are proving to have the upper hand. As Krawczyk says, they have already reduced negative responses by more than half, which is a good milestone considering the AI ​​has only been available for a few days.

Gemini web version input menu

Another novelty is the search to make Gemini be used in a way more similar to Google Assistant. Thus, users no longer have to enter a request manually after having spoken, but rather the AI ​​acts as soon as the user has finished speaking. Thus increases immediacy and the sense of using a solid hands-free experience that makes interaction processes with artificial intelligence easier.

Previously reported language problems are also being resolved. The company is working to no need to change the language from the mobile configuration to English to be able to use Gemini in a fluid way, although in some cases it is still a bug that persists. However, it should disappear soon. The same goes for Gemini compatibility on all types of devices, which continues to increase and leave errors behind.

Using Google's Gemini AI on a mobile

In another of his messages, Krawczyk has mentioned how the use of Gemini can help a lot when programming and writing code or, above all, learning to do it. But there are many tasks in which this AI will be able to change the way in which users enjoy their daily lives with the use of the latest technology. The news, as you can see, is not going to stop coming and Google’s intention is to make Gemini become a leading AI.

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