GeForce Now now allows you to link Ubisoft accounts for faster access to games

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GeForce Now, Nvidia’s platform for streaming games from the cloud, is announcing that as of today, users who wish to do so now have the ability to link their GeForce Now accounts with those they have at Ubisoft through the GeForce Now application. GeForce Now for faster and easier access to your library of games on this platform.

This is a movement similar to the one previously made with the Steam and Epic Games platforms.

The linking of accounts on third-party platforms means that users do not have to log in to each of them when wanting to access some of the games available on them.

Advantages with the links

This saves them time, and they also benefit from automatic syncing of compatible GeForce Now games from the Ubisoft Connect game library, allowing them to find games instantly.

Nvidia’s platform also recommends that users become subscribers to the Ultimate or Priority payment plans to “avoid the queues for free members and start playing faster.”

A strategy that has led to success

And it is that users can benefit from the first plan at zero cost to start being part of this platform, and progress over time, together with the technological improvements of the plans and the incorporation of new titles, proving to be a strategy that It has allowed him to get to where he is today.

Along the way there are others that have not managed to make much progress, such as Amazon Luna, with a rather limited availability in international territories, or have directly disappeared, such as Google Stadia, due to not having sufficient support from users.

With new titles to come

In addition to the facilities, GeForce Now has been increasing the number of games that users can choose to play when spending their leisure time with the platform. In this sense, they also announce that this week two new game titles will arrive for transmission from the cloud:

– Amnesia: The Bunker (New release on Steam)
– Harmony: The Fall of Reverie (New Steam Release, June 8)

To the existing titles, we must add all those that will also arrive along the way, so that users will have a greater number of possibilities to entertain themselves based on the new arrivals.

More Info/Image Credit: GeForce Now

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