Geek mom? Six gifts to surprise her

Geek Mom? Six Gifts To Surprise Her

Mother’s Day is approaching and with it, many times the dilemma of what we are going to give to the most important woman in our lives. Here we give you some ideas that you will surely love


On this Mother’s Day, surprise the most important woman in your life with the best technological gifts. The first thing to take into account is your personality, so you have to be sure what you like the most in order to be as successful as possible. If your mom is a modern woman and a lover of technology, these options can make her very happy:

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A tablet


A tablet is the perfect gift for your mom, since you can take it anywhere and always keep up to date. In addition, the information she needs will always be at hand. As loves taking photos and videosYou will be able to share them with Telcel’s 4G network, the one with the highest coverage in Mexico.



Is about a smart ring that connects to your cell phone and, through slight vibrations, you can know when you receive a call, a notification or a message to his cell phone. This ring will make your life easier and you will never miss a call or message from you. You can find them for both Android and iOS.

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Physical activity monitor


If your mom usually exercises, this gift is perfect. Is about a bracelet to measure physical activity, steps you take, and calories you burn. Small lights on the bracelet monitor the activity level of the day and synchronize the information with an app on your cell phone. Always you can find the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Although these accessories and gifts are not available at Telcel, you can always find a new cell phone for your mom. Let’s be honest, she deserves it all. Enter the online store and choose from hundreds of models. Choose the one that best suits your needs and your pocket.




This smart pen saves all the information that is written in its memory. In fact, the notes can be sent by email or to different social networks. In a nutshell, your mom will take her words and ideas to the digital world.

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Extreme battery


If you have a working mom with multiple activities but little time, make sure she can always stay in touch. The network will never be a problem, but A good gift is an external battery so that your cell phone is always available.

Portable speakers


This gift will enchant the most dancing mother. You can find wireless speakers that you can carry in your bag everywhere so the party is never missing. Many brands offer very good sound, are battery operated and connect via bluetooth with your smartphone.

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Tell us what other gifts the tech-loving mom might love. This Mother’s Day, share your love through Telcel, the best network.

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