Gboard’s new magical feature is here: scan real-world text to paste on your mobile

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gboards new magical feature is here scan real world text to.webp.webp.webp

Gboard allows you to write with all types of keyboards, use voice typing and now also use writing with the camera– Scanning text in the real world so you can paste it into mobile apps.

Gboard beta has a new tool called Scan text either ScanText, which appears to borrow text recognition from Google Lens so you can scan the text in front of you, rather than having to copy it by hand or switch to Google Lens or similar to capture it.

The Gboard of the future is here

This new Gboard feature can save you a lot of time and effort, if you remember to use it: a integrated OCR scanner. It is basically the same as what you have in Google Lens, but integrated directly into the keyboard, so it is much more comfortable.

For those moments when you have to copy text from a book, a business card or similar, Gboard gives us the option to capture it with your mobile camera and paste it. To do this you must use the new tool Scan Text either text scanner, that you will find after clicking on the icon with the four squares. You are free to long-tap the tool to put it closer at hand or leave it pinned to the top bar of Gboard.

Gboard2The scanner works great although it doesn’t respect line breaks, which can be problematic

Its use is quite simple. The first time you will have to give Gboard permission to use the mobile camera and then you will see a view of the mobile camera, with a shutter release. When you press the shutter button, the photo is taken and Detected text is instantly highlighted. The result is really fast, instant.

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Then it is your turn to select the words or phrases that you want to paste into the application in question, tapping on them to leave them selected and using the button Insertin a lower panel.

In our tests, the scanner has performed quite well, being able to recognize even handwritten text, although with some error in this case. If you want to try it, you will need Gboard beta version for now, although hopefully the tool will reach the stable version soon.