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Gboard will debut a keyboard divided into tablets and folding

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With the launch of Android 12L we have seen how Google finally pampers the tablets and folding After the boom in its sales, and to promote quality applications for large screen devices, the company is going to have to set an example for developers.

And one of the main problems that users of a tablet or a folding tablet usually encounter is the keyboard. Gboard across the entire screen your keyboard, which makes it uncomfortable to type on large screen devices, and to fix it they’re finally adding the split keyboard.

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A look at…


Soon you will be able to divide the keyboard in two

In 2015, Google tested a split keyboard with the Android Marshmallow beta, but that design never materialized and we’ve had to wait seven years to hear back.

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through the gboard beta A new option that refers to the future has begun to appear to some users of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 google keyboard split layout.

debut-a-keyboard-divided-into-tablets-and-folding.jpg 450w, https://i.blogs.es/5edf04/gboard-tablets/650_1200.jpg 681w, https://i.blogs.es/5edf04/gboard-tablets/1024_2000.jpg 1024w, https://voonze.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Gboard-will-debut-a-keyboard-divided-into-tablets-and-folding.jpg 1366w" src="https://a6x8y5h6.rocketcdn.me/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Gboard-will-debut-a-keyboard-divided-into-tablets-and-folding.jpg" alt="Gboard Tablets">

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The new option is called “Split layout to include duplicate keys”. This will allow the user to duplicate the letters when dividing the keyboard so that they are accessible with both the right or left hand, something that the iPad allows with a trick.

This option under development does not work yet. It does nothing when activated, so it is still a mystery what layout Gboard will have with the split keyboard. It is not known if it will limit itself to dividing only the keys into two groups or if it will divide the keyboard in two to let the user see more content on the screen.

Via | AndroidPolice

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