Gboard hides an undo button on its keyboard: this is how you can use it

gboard hides an undo button on its keyboard this is.webp.webp.webp
gboard hides an undo button on its keyboard this is.webp.webp.webp

Some applications include undo function when typing, But not all. For example, if you write a huge tirade on WhatsApp and then accidentally delete it, you have no way to recover it. This has an easy solution: integrate undo into Gboard.

The good news is that Gboard now has an undo button to go back in any edit what you have done to a text before in

You will need the Japanese language

For some reason beyond comprehension, Google has only integrated the undo button on the japanese keyboard, so it is not accessible if you use the Google keyboard in any other language. Now, all is not lost, since a few months ago they found clues that Gboard was preparing a global undo function.

While it arrives, you will need use Gboard’s Japanese keyboard to undo text which sounds like a complication (and it is), although in reality it is not as annoying as it seems, since you will only have to switch to this language when you are going to undo changes.


Can add languages ​​to Gboard from your settings, in the section Languages. Press +Add keyboard and then write “Japanese.” Please note that in the listing, the Japanese keyboard is called in Japanese (日本語) in the listing. Leave the default options and press Made.

Undo and redo in Gboard

With the keyboard configured correctly, write in any application with the peace of mind that If you make a mistake, you can undo it regardless of whether the application you’re typing in has native undo functionality or not.

To use undo mode you will first need change Gboard to Japanese language something that is possible in various ways such as with the language button, with a long touch on the space bar or with the keyboard button in the navigation bar.

UndoThe undo button is also the redo button if you leave it pressed

The only thing that interests you about the Japanese keyboard is the button in the upper left corner, with an arrow. Each time you press it, a step of changes will be undone. Gboard keeps a fairly extensive log of changes.

If you get rid of more there are no problems, well you can also redo changes with a long tap on the undo arrow, which displays an arrow in the opposite direction. You can see the invention in operation in the following animated GIF.

Being able to undo changes is a very powerful function that can save you from some mess or another and it is a shame that Google forces us to use a keyboard in another language just for this. We hope to soon integrate it globally and for all languages.

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