Game developer 171 comments on accusations of embezzlement and fraud

'Brazilian GTA': Game 171 arrives in November on Steam in early access

On the last November 17th, the Europeian studio Betagames Group released the game 171 for the PC in the model of early access🇧🇷 The game was a sales success on Steambut the company found itself in the midst of controversy shortly afterwards.

The site MixMods, known for publishing modifications for titles in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, released an extensive “dossier” in which it made serious Theaccusations of fraud and embezzlement by those responsible for the Europeian game studio.

understand the case

Early in development, Betagames Group opened crowdfunding so that those interested in the 171 game project could help the creators get the game off the ground. It is precisely around the raising value that this controversy revolves.

According to the website MixMods, the total budget to complete the game would have been under R$ 3 thousand, as many of the assets, including the day and night system, cars, animations and GPS are sold for a low cost or acquired for free.

The amount raised with crowdfunding campaigns for 171 would have reached almost R$300,000. Another issue raised was the development time, given that several features supposedly came ready.

What Betagames Group says

This Tuesday (22), Betagames Group went public and released an extensive note on its social networks about the accusations raised by the MixMods website. In the text, the studio reported difficulties during development and other issues.

The company mentioned that the project’s net budget was BRL 164,000, destined not only to pay its internal team of seven people, but also for fees, taxes, equipment and other external collaborators.

In another excerpt, Betagames Group stated that creating a game from scratch goes far beyond the assets used and that this type of “baseless criticism harms the national game development market as a whole”.

Finally, the studio explained more about the goals and amounts raised, and ensured that all financial information for the project was transparently released on the page of the 1st fundraising campaign in Catarse.

See below the note published by the Betagames Group on their Twitter profile:

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