Galaxy Z Fold and Flip 5, confirmation for LG: it will supply the batteries | Rumor


Few people know that LG batteries have been used for more than a couple of generations for Samsung leaflets. Also batteries from LG, because the former rival who has disengaged from smartphones for a few years is not the only one, there are also Samsung itself and ATL, a Chinese supplier. And it won’t be the only one this year either, even when it comes to new generation leaflets there will continue to be batteries from LGindeed also of LG.

The news comes from the local magazine The Elecaccording to which Samsung would LG confirmed among the partners of Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. This year it will be 3 years in a row that the former rival will take care of shipping the batteries for the leaflets to the Samsung assembly line. And not only that, because according to the report, LG has been supplying batteries for the Galaxy Z, Galaxy S and other lower-end models since 2019.

As for the leaflets, arriving in August, the magazine has collected clues for which on Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 it shouldn’t change much. Better to reduce any expectations on an increase in milliampere hours available, it seems that the capacity does not differ substantially from last year’s models and this implies that “the weight, thickness and dimensions of the screen will not show relevant news”.

At the end of the sentence The Elec probably forgot a “due to the battery”, because numerous rumors have told us a different story: that the external display of Galaxy Z Flip 5 will be larger in size and that the size of Galaxy Z Fold 5 will not remain the same, weight primarily that it should benefit from the new hinge. However, news should arrive on the batteries such as greater repairability, to continue in the sign of the attention to the environment that Samsung also took into consideration during the design of the Galaxy S23.