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Galaxy Z Fold 5 without integrated S Pen: Samsung working on a thinner solution

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Among the most awaited novelties of the Galaxy Z Fold 5, one cannot fail to mention the slot to house the S Pena feature that is missing on Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 4. Well, new rumors seem to refute what has emerged to date: apparently not even the next generation of the Samsung foldable will have one.

Let it be clear: these are rumors, and as such they must be considered. What is certain is that the indications that come from the Korean newspaper ET News – which refer to information coming from the supply chain – do not seem to go in the direction desired by those who instead expected the presence of an integrated housing for the nib.

Apparently Samsung’s initial intention was to design the Z Fold 5 with an S Pen slot, idea later scrapped as this would have compromised the design of the internal components and made the smartphone foldable too often.

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The alternative considered was to create one Thinner S Pen (and consequently also the housing would have taken up less space), but at present such a solution would not have guaranteed an adequate writing experience. It seems that Samsung is anyway engaged in the development of a “light” nibbut its release times would not match those of Galaxy Z Fold 5. In other words: we will talk about it again – perhaps – next year.

One of the reasons why the slot would not find space inside the leaflet would be related to the new one hinge: its integration would in fact have led the engineers to review the placement of the components making it impossible to obtain a housing for the S Pen.


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