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Galaxy Z Flip 4, here are the new Lacoste cases for the most fashionable

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We knew that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is one of the most fashionable smartphones of the current top-range generation, and so after the previous collaboration with Maison Margiela Edition and other major fashion brands, Samsung has now announced the launch of four new cases protective covers for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, created in exclusive collaboration with Lacoste.

These new super trendy models are available in four colors: Graphite, Blue, Lavender and Rose Gold. The cases show the famous subtle but recognizable Lacoste crocodile logo on the bottom of the unit. An eye to safeguarding the planet also in this case, since they are made with recycled materials and the same goes for the packaging, made entirely of recycled cardboard, vegetable ink and vegetable glue.

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Apart from the Lacoste logo, the overall design is more functional than many other variants and similar to the other cases for the Z Flip 4, they consist of two portions to protect the foldable phone. They have a key ring attached to a loop and the official description emphasizes this, stating that they offer a comfortable grip.

Lacoste’s new Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases are already available for purchase but only in Samsung’s online store in France (SOURCE). They cost € 44.90 each and it is worth noting that this is not the first time that Samsung has collaborated with Lacoste to make accessories for Galaxy devices, in fact, the partnership started earlier this year with a set of protective cases for the Galaxy S22 series.

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