Galaxy Watch 5 Pro without rotating bezel: the spoiler comes from Samsung

A few days after the last rumor that had announced the disappearance of the rotating ring also from the most precious version of the next smartwatches from Samsung – or the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro -, this time we return to the subject thanks to a possible spoiler anticipated directly from the Seoul house following the latest update of the Samsung Health app.


Spotted by colleagues from 9to5Googlethe update in question concerns the beta of the application which comes to version and introduces the official support for smartwatches not yet presented as can be seen from the image proposed on the side.

galaxy watch 5 pro without rotating bezel
galaxy watch 5 pro without rotating bezel

Thanks to this update, in fact, the app is now able to identify both the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Watch 5 Pro, thus confirming that the names of the next wearables are precisely these. But in this article we have anticipated another important theme, namely the disappearance of the rotating ring also from the Watch 5 Pro: which element of this image allows us to deduce this?

The answer is quite simple and concerns the thumbnails used by Samsung to identify upcoming models. The ones we see they are not renders of Watch 5 and 5 Probut for both watches it is used that of Galaxy Watch 4 (opening image of the article), without a physical rotating bezel. It could be said that this clue is weak enough to completely rule out the presence of the bezel from the next flagship, however Samsung has paid particular attention to this detail in the past.

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Just a year ago, when the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic emerged at the time (our review of the base model here) in the exact same way, Samsung had used the render of Watch Active 2 for Watch 4 (both equipped with a touch dial), while for the Watch 4 Classic the render of Watch 3 (this with physical ring, here his review). The choice of the new images for the Watch 5 is therefore not accidental and is in line with what emerged from the most recent rumors.

In short, it seems that Samsung is completely abandoning one of the most distinctive elements of its smartwatches to adopt a solution that is certainly more effective from the point of view of reducing production costs, but also much less practical for the user. On the bright side, the upcoming Watch 5 Pro should feature a much larger battery.