Galaxy S24 vs S23: photographic sector compared between the two Ultras

galaxy s24 vs s23: photographic sector compared between the two
galaxy s24 vs s23: photographic sector compared between the two


If Galaxy S23 Ultra has introduced significant changes in the photographic sector compared to the previous model, let’s not expect the same to happen with the transition to Galaxy S24 Ultra. The information from Korean sources and taken from Ice Universe are in fact not very promising.

The leaker claims that the next top range will be equipped with the same 200MP ISOCELL HP2 sensor that we find on the S23 Ultra, just as the Sony IMX754 sensors of the 3x telephoto camera (Ice Universe, however, speaks of 12MP and not 10MP) and Sony IMX564 of the ultra wide angle will not change either. In other words, the only difference in terms of sensors will reside in the other tele cam which, according to rumors – and as such they must be considered – will rest on the sensor Sony IMX754+ from 12MP with 10x optical zoom.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Specifications

  • Main 200MP ISOCELL HP2, 0.6um pixel
    • S23 Ultra: 200MP ISOCELL HP2, 0.6um
  • 12MP Sony IMX564 ultra wide angle, 1.4um pixels
    • S23 Ultra: 12MP Sony IMX564
  • 12MP 3x Sony IMX754 telephoto, 1.12um pixels
    • S23 Ultra: 10MP Sony IMX754
  • 12MP Sony 10x telephoto IMX754+1.12um pixels
    • S23 Ultra: 10MP Sony IMX754
  • AF laser

So if this information were to correspond to the truth, let’s expect only some refinement and not particular upheavals. A fundamental role will also be played by the software, on which details are not yet available but which it is hoped can be further implemented to return higher quality shots (and videos). Nothing is known to date on the characteristics of the other two expected models, namely Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus (but the latter may not even arrive).


  • display with refresh rate up to 144Hz
  • UFS memories 4.1
  • RAM 16GB
  • two-way satellite connectivity
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