Galaxy S24 in basic and Ultra version: in 2024 Samsung could give up the Plus


Samsung would be planning a return to the Galaxy S smartphone offer consisting of only two models, the basic one and the Ultra variant. It is a concrete hypothesis, reported by The Elec based on the information in its possession on the start of the design phase for the 2024 range. We are three weeks away from the debut of the Galaxy S23, but the company is also starting work on the next generation in compliance with the deadlines.

It is from Galaxy S20 that Samsung started to offer an Ultra variant, bringing three high-end smartphones to the market. This was also the case with the Galaxy S21 – standard, Plus and Ultra – and the Galaxy S22 – same three models, standard, Plus and Ultra. And so it will be for the Galaxy S23 series as well. The market, however, has changed, and the trend of shipments and sales of smartphones has been negative at a global level for some time now.



An offer consisting of two models, perhaps well differentiated from each other, could therefore be enough for Samsung: to be clear, a Galaxy S24 and an S24 Ultra. Giving up the Plus, now considered a middle ground that risks not satisfying anyone. This was also seen with the iPhone 14 Plus: in this precise historical moment, the middle choice does not seem to pay off.

The Galaxy S24 project is internally called by the acronym DMand the currently ongoing sub-projects would be two: DM1 and DM3. The first refers to the basic model, the second to the Ultra. Therefore, DM2, or the Galaxy S24 Plus, is missingwhich for the moment is not contemplated within the company.

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Of course, it could be added at a later time, but times are already tight as the design of an entire new generation of smartphones must necessarily be implemented one year in advance. An alternative hypothesis is that Samsung will first offer the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra, waiting a few months for the launch of the Galaxy S24 Plus, but it is more plausible that the absence of the third model – the middle one – is definitive.


Sammobile address the subject Galaxy S24 Plus and does not agree on the location of The Elec. Although Galaxy S22 Plus sales have not been optimal (estimated 17% of the total, against 38% of the base and 45% of the Ultra) it is not at all certain that Samsung has decided to abandon the middle model. And there would also be an interpretation error: DM stands for diamond, an internal codename given to the Galaxy S23 series, and not to the generation arriving next year. And moreover it is not true that DM2 is absent, given that he represents Galaxy S23 Plus in the company.