Galaxy S23 range, with the June update, news and even some bugs

galaxy s23 range, with the june update, news and even
galaxy s23 range, with the june update, news and even


A update the one distributed by Samsung a few days ago also in Italy is important Galaxy S23. You certainly didn’t guess it from the changelog in which Samsung was super dry as always, but from the size of the update (over 2 GB) and above all from the feedback from those who installed it immediately. And from the same users, unfortunately, there are also some negative signals, alarms for problems with the firmware identified by the acronym S91xBXXU2AWF1.

Ice Universe, an insider who follows Samsung quite closely, tweeted that he heard that the June update for the Galaxy S23 series in addition to the news, it also introduced some bugs like a faulty fingerprint reader, and asked her followers to report if there was more.

And there is more, judging by the answers: one reports that they have no difficulty with the fingerprint reader but rather with night shots: “My Galaxy S23 Ultra doesn’t automatically recognize the amount of light in the frame, like this the Night Shot button is gone. Another writes that theon-screen icon that prompts the user where to place their finger for unlocking it is missing several times a day, but fortunately the fingerprint reader works regularly even without an icon.

Let me be clear: these are reports in response to a tweet that we report for the record and because others could find themselves, after having updated, in the conditions of Ice Universe followers without understanding much, if you are alone or “in company” to face the same troubles. In short, the impact of the bugs and their diffusion are not clear. After all, more than someone responded to the insider’s invitation by reporting that they had updated and that they hadn’t noticed anything anomalous.

This does not mean that Samsung will have to deal with solving bugs, even if very few users suffer from them. It shouldn’t be a big deal, so a little fix could come soon that gives Galaxy S23 customers a fully functional product, as before the update that brought the June security patches and:

  • the 2x zoom in portrait mode
  • fix for problems withautofocus
  • image processing in night modeslightly different than before
  • transitions and smoother One UI animations
  • small feedback improvements haptic.
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(updated June 26, 2023, 5.15pm)

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