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Galaxy S23: new materials for the OLED display, which becomes more efficient

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The brand new Galaxy S23 have introduced many small improvements which, when added together, substantially improve the user experience of the new top of the range compared to the last generation. Samsung has in fact adopted an approach that has not distorted the formula, but has aimed at some targeted interventions which in some cases have not produced obvious changes at first glance, as for example in the case of OLED panel equipped on the 3 smartphones of the Galaxy S23 series.

Although the basic version of Galaxy S23 now enjoys a display with identical characteristics compared to the Plus variant, the differences compared to its predecessors are virtually imperceptible, however a new post on the official Samsung Display website has detailed the technical improvements made to the panels of the S23, highlighting that something has actually changed and this time too the focus was mainly on the topic of energy efficiency.


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The innovations introduced do not bring significant improvements in some of the aspects anymore evident of a display, since elements such as peak brightness, color fidelity and so on remain practically unchanged compared to the last generation (we also talked about it in the Galaxy S23 Ultra review).

What really changes, according to what emerged from Samsung’s post, is the use of a new organic material that allows for improve luminance and reduce power consumption, thanks to a new system that makes the movement of electrons in the panel more efficient and rapid. This allows for reduce energy consumption by 13/16% with the same brightness.

The data shared by Samsung are also reflected in the independent analysis carried out by Dylan Raga of XDAwhich found a clear structural difference between the new OLED panel and the previous generation one, especially regarding the red and green emitters (the blue ones seem unchanged). Below you will find the graph of his test that compares the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the iPhone 14 Pro Max (review) and Galaxy S22+ (review).

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As we can see from the graph, Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro Max show practically identical consumption up to 400 nitsto then register an advantage of S23U that manages to reach 1,150 nits with a lower power consumption of 600 mW compared to the top of the range Apple. The gap with the Galaxy S22+ is also notableespecially regarding scenarios a low brightnesswhere the reduced consumption of the new panel is immediately evident.

In short, Samsung has actually made a generation improvement on the display of the new Galaxy S23going to intervene where it is needed. This is probably a difficult element to promote from a marketing point of view – given that the other values ​​remain unchanged compared to the last generation – but it is certainly a relevant element in daily use and it is also one of the contributing factors to our more than positive assessment of the autonomy of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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(updated February 15, 2023, 08:50)

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