Galaxy S23 and S23 + will have many (too many?) Points in common with the S22 line

Samsung’s future line of top-of-the-range smartphones returns to the center of the news after new rumors spread by Ice Universe, a particularly prolific leaker when it comes to anticipating features of the South Korean brand’s products. After underlining some similarities between the flagship S23 Ultra model and the current S22 Ultra, the source also provided some details on the other exponents of the S23 range, the base model and the plus model.

S23 / S23 + AND S22 / S22 +: DIFFERENT TWINS?

In a nutshell i points of contact with S22 and S22 + will be numerous:

  • same design, including the bezel that runs around the perimeter of the device
  • same screen
  • same camera
  • same sensor (it is not clear to which sensor the source refers in particular, whether to the sensor compartment in general or specifically to those of the camera compartment, e.g. the sensor integrated in the main module).
  • batteries of similar capacity

As for the S23 and S23 +, they have the same design as the S22, even the middle frame has not changed.
The same screen, the same sensor, the same camera, and the battery is estimated to be similar. Processor upgrade to 8Gen2

The most relevant and predictable novelty concerns the updated SoC which will be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. If the rumors of Ice Universe prove to be correct, the new Galaxy S23 and S23 + would give little incentive to the current owners of a Galaxy S22 / S22 + to carry out the ‘update given the many / too many elements common to the two generations of smartphones.

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Of course it is still rumors and the months that separate from the launch of the new models are still many (the debut is tentatively set for the beginning of 2023). There may be differences not so immediately evident but still present or refinements in progress. At the moment, in light of the rumors that have emerged so far, those who expected a profound renewal introduced in the design of future Galaxy could be disappointed.