Galaxy S22 Ultra in five colors: high-resolution renders on the latest rumors

They look like “real” images of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but they are just (very) well done renderings. He made them Technizo Concept for LetsGoDigital, based on the rumors that have surfaced so far and the latest ones that would sneak out of the production environments where work is being done intensively on a historic turning point for Samsung, which after relegating the Note range to the annals would prepare to launch the first Galaxy S with integrated S Pen, just like in the Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra should be proposed in five colors: white, black, green, burgundy and a pink tending to purple. All the elements shown by the renderings have been revised according to the most recent rumors. So, for example, the periscope telephoto lens has been reproduced faithfully, the flash has been reduced compared to previous processing, or the profile perpendicular to the rear surface of the cameras is in the same color as the phone, just as it should be in the Galaxy S22 Ultra. will arrive on the market.

The rear of the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be in opaque glass, in order to guarantee a better grip in the hand (even if this can be discussed) and, of course, reduce the number and visibility of the fingerprints that otherwise would accumulate during use. It also appears that Samsung is intent on giving one extra gear to the S Pen.

It would be coordinated with the smartphone in the so-called standard colors – that is black, white, green and red – while the pink variant – which would be considered “exclusive” and which cannot be excluded can only be sold by official channels – will have an S Pen as well particular: it should be all black except for the terminal part, the one that always remains visible, so to speak, that the designers would have decided to create in pink.