Galaxy Book Fold 17, Samsung’s first folding PC?

Samsung is the leading manufacturer of folding mobile phones and has consolidated its catalog with the new versions of the Fold and Flip series. Now, the South Korean firm, seems to be preparing similar technology for laptops with a Galaxy Book Fold 17 It has jumped into the buzz on the internet and it looks spectacular.

Samsung posted a concept video earlier this year in which it envisioned how some of its foldable and roll-up displays could be used in future products. Part of that vision was embodied last month in the Galaxy Z Fold3, without question the best folding mobile on the market.

The video also includes other formats such as laptops and tablets and the Galaxy Book Fold 17 seems the largest in size of all of them, with a 17-inch OLED screen which can be folded in half. If the concept sounds familiar to you, it is because Samsung would not be the first to bring this technology to PCs.

That honor is reserved for Lenovo’s spectacular ThinkPad X1 Fold, the industry’s first foldable laptop and a good example of an innovative and versatile device that can be used as an ultraportable, as a large tablet or in intermediate uses that its unique form factor allows. Samsung would use the same design as Lenovo, a “book” type folded and unfolded in half thanks to a special hinge and flexible screen.

Its internal hardware is unknown, though Samsung is spoiled for choice based on focus that I would like to give to this team. If you bet on performance on the Windows platform you could use a Ryzen Mobile from AMD or the next Alder Lake from Intel, while if it were a Chromebook you could use ARM. Or you could even bet on Android where Samsung has a great experience in mobiles including applications capable of taking advantage of these types of screens.

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The Galaxy Book Fold 17 may never see the light of day. But @UniverseIce has a pretty good track record with these leaks, particularly when it comes to Samsung products. While there is no official confirmation of the existence of this development, the company posted another video of a large foldable OLED screen this week.

The goal of the video is to show the durability of these screens, folded and unfolded repeatedly up to 30,000 times No problem. The used screen is real not a concept and it is certain that Samsung is working with them for their entry into PCs.