Galaxy A34: cell phone with good cost-benefit brings complete package | Analysis / Review

 Galaxy A34: cell phone with good cost-benefit brings complete package |  Analysis / Review
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The Galaxy A34 hit the market along with the A54 and the two are fighting for the title of best value for money among mid-range cell phones in 2023. Is the most affordable model in the line the best buy?

Interestingly, it is larger than the top model. Samsung decided to make the Galaxy A54 more compact, while increasing the screen of the cheapest in its lineup. The finish is simpler made of plastic, but brings the design seen in the most expensive brand. Only the front part still lacks the old design with a drop-type notch.

IP67 certification for water resistance is still present. The screen, now 6.6 inches, brings a refresh rate of 120 Hz for superior fluidity compared to its predecessor, while the brightness is strong and displays great colors. We have stereo sound with a good balance between bass, mids and treble.

The Galaxy A34 features MediaTek’s Dimensity 1080 chipset with 6 or 8 GB RAM options. We tested the simplest one and it did well in our speed test focused on multitasking when holding many apps open at the same time. In games we had good performance even in heavier games, but the Korean intermediate ends up warming up after 30 minutes of gameplay.

It did well in our standardized battery test, yielding over 26 hours of battery life in moderate gaming use. The difference is small compared to its predecessor and is also close to what the Galaxy A54 delivers. The recharge time could be better and it takes hours to have a full battery.

The photographic set is the same as before. The only change is that Samsung has removed the fourth dedicated blur camera. The Galaxy A34 is another Samsung cell phone that records photos with very saturated colors. Many end up liking this approach and the HDR with the good dynamic range ensures that you will have vivid images in any situation. Selfies have good detail, correct skin tone, high contrast and decent dynamic range. The camcorder records in 4K with front and rear, has good stabilization, fast focus and clean sound capture.

Is it worth buying the Galaxy A34 or is it better to invest in the A54? The most expensive one costs a little more and wins in several points, but that doesn’t take away the brightness of the simpler model. You can check out all the details in our full review at the link below:

Samsung Galaxy A34 full review

The Galaxy A34 arrived on the national market in March 2023 by BRL 2,299. Below you will find the best deals:

The Samsung Galaxy A34 is available from Girafa for BRL 1,399 and Magazine Luiza for BRL 1,469. The cost-benefit is average but there are 6 better models. To see the other 155 offers click here.

(updated June 16, 2023, 8:02 PM)
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