Galaxy A22 5G: good 5G mobile option without paying dearly? | Analysis / Review

 Galaxy A22 5G: good 5G mobile option without paying dearly?  |  Analysis / Review

The search for 5G phones is increasing and Samsung has affordable models that have recently hit the market such as the Galaxy M23, but there are also devices launched at the beginning of the year that can attract consumers, even more so with the price drop after months of the launch. This is the case with the Galaxy A22 5G, which we are now reviewing to see if it’s worth it.

The Galaxy A22 5G has a simple design with a look that recalls older Samsung models. It’s made of smooth plastic, has a square cooktop-style camera block, and the front features a wide-edged drop notch at the bottom. Its LCD screen is simple, but it has good brightness and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The sound part is limited by mono audio that doesn’t excite in power or quality.

The performance is good for the category with the union of Dimensity 700 and 4 GB of RAM. The battery life is good enough to guarantee being away from outlets all day, but the charging time is time consuming and reaches two hours to have the Galaxy A22 5G fully charged.

The Galaxy A22 5G has a simpler photographic set compared to the 4G variant. This one has a 48 MP sensor that captures good photos whether day or night, an ultra-wide with a lower resolution that does just the basics, in addition to a 2 MP blur that delivers decent results. Samsung cut the macro, while the front was also covered.

The weirdest part is for the camcorder that shoots at 1152p resolution, something Samsung calls 2K, but is below traditional 1440p. It also doesn’t have the optical stabilization of the other model, but the camcorder can record good videos with few shakes.

Is it worth buying the Galaxy A22 5G? Only if it’s cheaper than the Galaxy M23. To check all the details, just access the full analysis at the link below:

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Full Review

The Galaxy A22 5G was launched in Europe in April 2022 by BRL 1,999. Below you will find the best offers:

The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is available at Extra for BRL 1,412. The cost-benefit is medium and this is the best model in this price range. To see the other 68 offers click here.

(Updated November 2, 2022 at 7:56 pm)
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