Galaxy A13 5G, there is Android 13: it was released with Android 11 a year ago

The feeling is that Samsung will be able to achieve the goal declared last month by VP of Android Framework R&Dto deliver One UI 5.0 and Android 13 to all supported devices by the end of 2022. We proceed at a remarkable pace, and for a few hours even a modest product as it is Galaxy A13 5G (about 175 euros on Amazon) has started to receive the latest version of the Seoul UI.

Android 13 arrives on Galaxy A13 5G with firmware version A136BXXU2BVK3which also contains the patches security updates updated to November 2022. The rollout, according to what colleagues from, it is underway in Europe, in a number of countries among which it figures also Italy.

Galaxy A13 5G debuted in December 2021 with One UI 3.1.1 and Android 11, and probably no one would have imagined that a product with a price tag of 200 euros within six months it would have Android 12 and one year after presentation even Android 13.

For the notification of the new firmware may pass some time days from the first reports. So if you want to try to speed things up it’s better every now and then check manually if there is news from Settings – Software update – Download and install.

SAMSUNG Smartphone Brand Model Galaxy A13 5G 64GB

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